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Inxight Case Study
The Image Experts
Business Focus
Media Cybernetics
Silver Spring, Maryland
Media Cybernetics is the leading global provider of imaging solutions that automate research, development
and quality control processes in life science and industrial applications. The company’s products and
solutions are distributed through a worldwide network of dealers and OEM channels. Products such as
Image-Pro® Plus, the first scientific analysis application introduced by Media Cybernetics in 1985, enjoy
one of the largest installed bases in the scientific imaging industry. Leaders in the fields of life sciences,
manufacturing, materials and forensics have relied on Media Cybernetics for proven image analysis
software for over 14 years.
Business Problem
Keeping Track Of Over 150 Worldwide Distribution Partners
If there was ever a good problem to have, the one facing Scott Ireland, sales director for Media
Cybernetics, met the criteria. Business was thriving, but Scott found that it was getting increasingly
difficult to keep a handle on the six years worth of sales data he maintained on Excel spreadsheets to
analyze trends and make predictions. Due to the increase in sales and ordering activities, literally hundreds
of Excel spreadsheets had been created to store pertinent information. The shear volume of material meant
that Scott would have to open dozens of directories and documents to find and analyze the information he
needed. Obviously, this was a slow and tedious process.
Scott found that the volume of information he had to sift through was actually hindering information access
and usability. The pertinent data he needed to access was scattered throughout the database. He quickly
discovered that the amount of information in the spreadsheets was resulting in ineffective and irrelevant
search returns. He began to wonder if the data presented was being poorly analyzed, leading to weak
business analysis and missed sales opportunities.
Business Solution - Inxight Eureka
Inxight Eureka allowed Scott to get a handle on evaluating and analyzing data in a fraction of the time, and
with no risk of data loss. Eureka combines the power of data mining analysis with the ease of using
spreadsheets, enabling users to visually interact with entire data sets to spot patterns or anomalies to help
make the right business decisions. Scott immediately saw patterns and trends in sales figures that were not
apparent to him before because of the overwhelming amount of information that needed to be analyzed. In
fact, the consolidation of information in the data sets was decreased from over 200 tables to 50 tables.
Media Cybernetics’ core customers include schools and universities, as well as pharmaceutical companies
and organizations interested in bio-informatics or related areas. By integrating Eureka with Media
Cybernetics Image-Pro® Plus software, Scott believes the company will gain a competitive edge by
providing their customers with the ability to not only view pertinent data, but to analyze the visual patterns
and trends of the data. Eureka is also helping his sales department to better track dealer involvement.
Media Cybernetics
Scott’s utilization of Eureka allows Media Cybernetics to stay ahead of the market with new releases and
incentives for its partners. Eureka is also used to formulate a tracking mechanism that shows up-to-date
positioning of partners and vendors based upon current sales and ordering performance. This additional
feature is especially popular with the competitive sales forces, which are rewarded with perks, contests and
other promotional activities.
About Media Cybernetics
Founded in 1981, Media Cybernetics develops image-processing solutions. Image-Pro® Plus, first
introduced in 1985, is the most powerful imaging software solution available on the market today. For
more information about Array-Pro Analyzer, visit our web site at:
Kathy Bickel
Media Cybernetics
8484 Georgia Avenue, Suite 200
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 USA
1-301-495-3305 ext. 260
[email protected]
About Inxight Software, Inc.
Inxight Software, Inc. develops markets and supports visual navigation, information access and content
analysis software products and services. These products and services enable web users to navigate,
categorize, index and summarize unstructured text, and find online information faster, easier and more
efficiently. Inxight’s innovative products, based on renowned Xerox PARC and Xerox Research Center
Europe inventions, are ideal for information intensive applications in the business intelligence, knowledge
management and electronic publishing industries.
PR at Inxight Software, Inc.
3260 Jay Street
Santa Clara CA. 95054