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E-mail: [email protected]
Home page:
Arpit Jain
B. Tech – M. Tech (Dual Degree), Computer Science &
IIT Kanpur
Engineering (with specialization in Crowdsourcing)
Central Academy
St. Paul’s School
 Secured All India rank 406 (99.92 percentile), 706 (99.94 percentile) in IIT-JEE 2010 and AIEEE 2010 respectively
 Secured All India rank 1382 (99.5 percentile) in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2014
 Awarded funding for attending South Asia Workshop 2015 organized by School of Computing, NUS, Singapore
 Awarded funding from European Science Foundation (only Indian student) to present poster paper at RuSSIR’14, Russia
 Awarded Charpak Research internship scholarship by Embassy of France in India to pursue thesis work at IRIT, France
 Awarded Young Jaina award for exceptional performance in academics among 3000+ applicants, 2010
 Finalist, GenNext Young leader award among 4000 aspirants all over India, 2012
Work experience
Research Engineer, Xerox Research, Bangalore (July’15 – Present)
Using 10-K reports to
 Implemented a system to identify outliers by using annual SEC 10-K filings for 50 companies in the domain
identify risk in long term
of Prepackaged software and Banks, predicting their expected risk rating for long term investments
investments (Patent)
 Value proposition worth thousands of dollars for financial planners
Data driven employee
 Worked on a system to analyze data for 1875 employees working with Xerox Services on various
parameters (past performance/achievements, skill ratings, turnaround time) for 22,000 transaction types
improvement (Patent)
 Used data to recommend trainings to upskill workers & predict expected improvement performance
Fair Incentives for BPO
 Handled the entire front-end for FINESSE dashboard: fair incentive scheme for enterprise employee payout
Employees (Publication)  The tool is of use to mid & senior level managers, current impact – 7,000 lives for Xerox’s BPO unit
 Created a working prototype(android app) for testing iBeacons to make personalized offers
 Implemented convolution filters & other image filters using Photoshop curve files in android
Institut de Recherche en
Evaluation of Mobile knowledge networks using real-time crowd sourced data
Informatique de Toulouse  Worked on smart restaurant project to evaluate data to map user interests over 7 ambient parameters
(IRIT), Toulouse, France
(like odour, ambience, staff behaviour, lighting)
 Mapped real time user trajectory data to identify interests & make better recommendations
Software Development Intern (E-Commerce division, Small Business group)
 Worked on floating cart interface support for shopping cart on Apple devices (iPad & iPhone)
 Lives impacted directly: 30,000+ merchant sellers and 3.3 million customers
Indian Institute of
Information Technology and its correlation with Ethics
Management (IIM),
 Worked on analytics of top 4 internet websites (viz. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Flickr)
Calcutta (Dec’12)
 Processed & compared usage statistics based on demographics, age-groups & user retention
Indian Institute of
Purchase Intention of Innovative Consumer goods : A Socio-Cultural Perspective
Management (IIM),
 Quantified measures of ‘openness’ towards 15 innovative products over different segments
Bangalore, (May-July’12)  Statistical hypothesis testing carried out over collected data
Database Systems for
Mining Wikileaks Data to Identify Sentiment Polarities in International Relationships
Advanced Applications
 Performed textual data analysis for WikiLeaks data using core NLP & IR techniques (232,410 cables),
segregating results on timeline basis, noting polarity changes as they evolve over time
(co-author – Prof. Arnab  Analyzed the results obtained across 56 time-frames from 1966-2010 from 274 embassies
 Our approach shows 52% boost over random mapping between our findings & actual events
RuSSIR’14, Nizhny
 Poster paper - Wikileaks Mining: All-nation analysis of changes in international relations
Novgorod, Russia
 Performed sentiment analysis to extract changes in political relations over time; Chrome extension
 Used NLP Techniques along with LDA clustering to identify topics using BBC data
Jointly supervised by
Dr. T.V. Prabhakar
(IIT Kanpur)
& Dr. Florence Sedes
(IRIT, France)
Master’s Thesis (Human Computer Interaction)
mCrowd: A framework for incentive based mobile crowdsourcing
 Created a framework for mobile crowdsourcing marketplaces to perform micro-tasks in return of rewards
 Created a cross platform mobile app (Android & iOS) for performing tasks, using MongoDB based
backend for managing and authorizing tasks posted on the platform
 These tasks are easy, short, crisp, simple & are of critical importance to business and academia
Arpit Jain
E-mail: [email protected]
Home page:
 Features: User profile, notifications, user wallet, badges, social media connect, location based tasks
Selected Projects
Creating Photobooks
 Used FB’s Graph API to automatically create photobooks (both landscape and portrait mode) for ANY
using Facebook’s Graph
public page by scraping images along with descriptions; Useful for reading photo updates offline
API (Personal Project)
 Photobooks for Humans of New York, Humans of Bombay and others available here
MakeMyTrip Scrapy
 Created a script to dump real-time MakeMyTrip flight data (including fares) for top 66 routes in India by
(Personal Project)
automating requests for 12 cities; real-time seat availability in trains across classes (80,000+ entries)
 Cost of buying such a service to get real-time price data otherwise is Rs. 80,000 per month
Chrome extension for
 Listed best questions, open questions, top stories, related topics for topics, top answers by users on Quora
WITHOUT using any native API support (extension available here)
(Personal Project)
 Scraping done using Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Feedparser, Django server to handle requests
Online railway food
 Created a Django app (website) similar to TravelKhana to order meals on Indian railways
delivery system
 The app had following additions over TravelKhana - real time order tracking, booking as per current
(Course Project)
running status of train, booking as per expected delivery time
 Features- Order confirmation by SMS, phone call, 3rd party live chat,3rd party feedback system
AcQuora - Android app
 Created an Online interface to create learning based android apps from CSV files using ANT
 The interface had features like friend invite, post to wall, share score, dynamic multiple levels support,
(Course Project)
credit build-up over regular intervals, access via web interface (optional to use)
Movie Recommender
 Predicted user likelihood to watch given movie from movielens dataset using content based filtering,
collaborative filtering and low rank matrix factorization techniques
(Course Project)
 Achieved accuracy of 81% over 100,000 ratings (1-5) from 943 users on 1682 movies
Club Management System  Tackled real life problem by creating a content management system to maintain records for people
at IIT Kanpur
involved in multiple clubs, extracurricular activities, and responsibilities for every member
(Course Project)
 Created an analytics dashboard for club coordinators to track student participation, and maintain logs
Software Skills
Programming Skills
Python (Proficient), C/C++ (Intermediate), Java (Basic)
Framework familiarity
Phonegap (Expert), Django, Wordpress, Magento, SciKit Learn (Machine Learning) (Expert), Salesforce(Basic)
Web Skills
Javascript (Expert), PHP (Expert), Bootstrap (Expert), HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, d3.js, Angular JS
Other Utilities
MongoDB (Expert), MySQL (Intermediate), Android app development (Intermediate)
Relevant courses
Computer Science
Machine Learning
Natural Language & Processing
Software Engineering
Principles of Database systems
Operating Systems
Compiler Design
Topics in Object Oriented Language Implementation
Software Architecture
Data Structures and Algorithms
Special topics in Data Compression
Mathematics Courses
Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Discrete mathematics
Real Algebra
Leadership & Initiative
Internship Coordinator,
 Managed internship process to facilitate selection process of 830 students with zero overlaps
Students’ Placement
 Handled a team of 10 students managing companies coming to campus for internships
Office, (May-Oct’12)
 Worked in a team of 120 individuals, handling internship opportunities from 50+ companies
Head Marketing, TEDx IIT  Organized first ever TEDx on ANY college campus in India which saw 190 attendees
Kanpur (March ’11)
 Got sponsorship deals worth Rs. 2 Lacs by contacting companies and promoting the event
 Was among the founding members of Entrepreneurship cell in IIT Kanpur since 2010
Entrepreneurship Cell
 Organized & managed events & competitions conducted by Entrepreneurship cell on campus
 Initiated E-weekend with workshops, talks with theme “Think New and Big”
Coordinator, 1000 Rupee  Organized the event for first time; Lead to ROI of 188% with an initial investment of Rs. 1000
Venture, Techkriti
 Organized & conceptualized the 3 daylong event held for the first time at IIT Kanpur
Participation & Representation
 Attended South Asia workshop on Frontiers organized by School of Computing at National University of Singapore (June’15)
 Delegate, MIT Media Lab workshop on Re-Engineering Kerala held at Trivandrum, India (August’13)
 Participated in Yahoo! Hackathon’13 (internal), Yahoo! HackU’13(IIT K), Hackathon’13 (Open Government Data Platform India)
 Attended Yahoo! Summer School’13 on Information Retrieval and Web Semantics at Indian Institute of Science(IISC), Bangalore
 Participated in Goldman Sachs Able solutions competition: created android app for indoor navigation to aid visually impaired people
 Represented IIT Kanpur at IIMB-VISTA’11, Annual Business & Finance Festival of IIM Bangalore, India
(Publication due)