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Case Study: Spalon Montage and The iBLeague™
Spalon Montage is a salon and spa business
comprised of multiple locations. As a retail
company, they rely on their point-of-sale (POS)
system to produce the critical data they need in
order to analyze their key metrics and coach
team members. They’ve been challenged with getting this data out of the
To get critical data out of the
POS system without having to create and manipulate numerous files to
POS system to view in one easy
get a complete picture of a single transaction. The reports have not been
-to-use platform displaying
calculating key metrics correctly and files are cumbersome, containing an
accurate and relevant metrics
enormous amount of duplication and error. All of this creates significant
Minimize manual effort to
manual effort and time, while not fully getting the right data.
gather, mine and clean,
and compare performance
numbers and benchmarks
Spalon Montage looked to iBusiness Solutions to get their data out of the
across departments and
POS system, mine and clean it, and upload it to The iBLeague™, a
Software-as-a-Service. By simplifying the data, we created accurate
View detailed reports of
metrics for Spalon Montage that were relevant to people at every level of
key metrics drilled down to
the organization, from the owner to the technician. The iBLeague™
employee and individual
provides analysis of the data through interactive and personalized
dashboards, scorecards, metrics,
Quickly make decisions to
trending, detailed reports, and
adjust business practices to
increase productivity,
profitability, and
predictability within each
With accurate, relevant, and
store and department
more timely information, Spalon
Montage has found value as they:
Increase efficiencies with a
streamlined process for
gathering clean, consistent, and critical data
Visually compare performance of key metrics across locations,
departments, and technicians over any period of time
Gain actionable insight to make decisions with clarity and confidence
to better coach their teams and serve their customers
With clean data easily accessible in The iBLeague™, we were able to
quickly perform data mining to support a client retention marketing
campaign. This data mining identified a much more targeted client list
7300 Metro Blvd, Ste 590
Edina, MN 55439
than the POS could provide, saving Spalon unnecessary discounts to the
wrong clients, an amount nearing their subscription cost!
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