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Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
• So you’ve been tasked with creating an
organizational dashboard. You have a lot of
great data, but don’t know where to start.
Dashboards are a great management tool.
They can combine management data, both
subjective and objective and put it in a visual
perspective that makes it easier to
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
• This breakout will give you practical tools to
take back to your organization. You’ll learn
what data can be used in a dashboard, how to
create and develop a dashboard given the size
of your budget, how to keep your dashboards
current and of course, the pitfalls to avoid
along the way.
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
Educational objectives are:
• Learn what data can be converted into a dashboard
• Understand the different ways a dashboard can be
• Explore how all sizes of associations can create
dashboards – from the smallest to the largest
• Learn how dashboards can be used to convey
important information to your board and external
• Avoid the pitfalls common to most dashboard projects
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
• What’s your excuse for not measuring past,
current and future data?
– IT staff uses tech ”NO” speak
– Membership numbers are old once you see them
– Finance takes weeks to give you an updated
financial statement
– You don’t have the vision
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
• Measure, Measure, Measure:
You cannot improve what's not measured!
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic
• Microsoft Data Mining Add-In for Excel
• Read post here:
• Note: The Data Mining Add-ins require a
connection to SQL Server 2005 Analysis
Confessions of a Dashboard-a-holic