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March Dental Tips
From Dr. Karen Fenichel and her team
Could this be the next
big dental health tool?
Have you ever thought of chewing gum as
as a way to keep your teeth healthy? A lot
research has confirmed that chewing gum,
breath mints and other foods made with Xylitol
actually helps prevent tooth decay. Xylitol is a
naturally occurring sugar substitute that comes
from the fiber in fruits and vegetables. Xylitol
has been around since the 19th Century and is
very popular in Europe, especially Finland. It
was approved as “safe food additive” by the
FDA in 1963. The first Xylitol gum was marketed in 1975. Some brands that use Xylitol are
Stride, Orbit, Ice Breakers and Trident White
Gum. You can also find Xylitol in hard candy
and as a sweetener.
If you’d like to try Xylitol-based gum, ask for a
sample when you come to visit Dr. Fenichel
and her team.
Now, when was the last time your dentist offered you chewing gum?
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