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Farmers' Market Comes to Mile End and The Plateau
Posted by Greg / JUNE 16, 2010
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Mmmmm..... what I would give right now to walk down the street and go shopping at a farmers'
market. Scotland might have every important historical source for my PhD, but it does NOT have
much in the way of high quality fresh vegetables. The potatoes in Fish n' Chips and the orange
extract in Irn-Bru do not count, I'm afraid to say. I hope those of you in Montreal right now know
how good you have it with Marché Fermier (formerly Marché Duluth) starting its season this
Marché Fermier is the second incarnation of a project started by the House of Friendship to bring the
highest quality local foods into their community. They've enlisted twenty to thirty local producers to
sell delicious items such as cheese, baked goods, honey, vinaigrettes, sorbets, and (of course) fruits
and vegetables twice a week until mid-October.
Everything gets started tomorrow (June 17th) in Mile End, next to St. Enfant Jesus Church and Parc
Lahaie, where the usual farmers' booths will be accompanied by a cello performance and several
guest speakers, including Josiane Bérubé (Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de
l'Alimentation du Québec). Three days later the market will move to the courtyard of the school ArcEn-Ciel on The Plateau, where it will arrive in similarly merry style with more classical music as well
as the country stylings of Oh Sun! The market will continue just like this, switching between the two
locations every Thursday and Sunday.
The House of Friendship folks plan on keeping things interesting by assigning a theme to each
week, which they will announce every Sunday on their Facebook page, and having various local chefs
on site to prepare dishes with seasonal ingredients.
Sounds like a party you ought to attend! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to deep fry some haggis
before bed.
Mile End: 5039 St. Dominque, every Thursday from 4:30-8:30pm
Plateau: 4265 ave Laval, every Sunday from 10:00am-2:00pm
Community Supported Agriculture: Get Yourself
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photo taken from Marché Fermier's flickr page