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VerVita™ Klenz
Cleansing-Detoxifying Dietary Supplement | VerVita™ Products LLC
“Klenz is like a car’s catalytic converter for the body, diffusing gasses and
rendering antigens and the resulting allergens harmless.” Dr. Dick Versendaal
he typical American diet of processed and packaged foods requires, if not
demands, periodic, systemic cleansing or detoxification. This must be done
at the cellular level for the restoration and maintenance of physiological
homeostasis and vibrant health. The increasing environmental toxicity associated
with our intake of food, water and air impairs the organs and systems of
metabolism and elimination especially that system known technically as enzymatic
Phase I & II liver detoxification. Related physiological dysfunctions such as macroand micronutrient imbalances, dysbiosis, and gut permeability, make it
increasingly difficult for the body to successfully address and overcome both
internal and external challenges to the body chemistry. As the body becomes
more and more overwhelmed symptoms and syndromes occur. Blood pressure
rises due to kidney overload, allergies to everything become a daily crisis due as
the body can no longer properly digest, metabolize, and utilize food. Like a
catalytic converter on a car, VerVita Klenz neutralizes accumulated gasses and
poisons. It will convert and render antigens and the resulting allergens harmless
to the body.
Detoxification Systems
The importance of ongoing detoxification can be appreciated in realizing that the
body employs a total of five systems to manage and maintain a non-toxic internal
Gastrointestinal – Liver, gallbladder, and colon
Integumentary – Skin, tears, and sebaceous glands
Lymphatic – Lymph channels and nodes
Respiratory – Sinuses, nose, throat, and lungs
Urinary – Kidneys, urethra, and bladder
Today’s Toxicity – A Clear and Present Danger
21st century lifestyle toxicity results in such common symptoms as debilitating
headaches, exhausting fatigue, excess mucus, musculoskeletal aches and pains,
digestive distress, annoying allergies, and innumerable sensitivities to a variety of
environmental agents.
A cleansing/detoxifying purification program will address the underlying etiologies
of the all too pervasive chronic health issues of pain and inflammation resulting
from these common, everyday sources of toxicity: unfiltered tap water,
commercial personal care products like hair dye, perfumes, shampoos, etc., over®2010 | VerVita™ Products LLC | 616-662-3197 (Office/Orders) |
the-counter and scripted medications, non-organic fruits and veggies, “fast” and
fried foods, carbonated beverages, bug and garden sprays, artificial sweeteners,
luncheon meats, and a host of other poisonous substances outside our everyday
Left ignored and untreated, toxicity over time can, and will more often than not,
lead to those dreaded diseases of multiple cancers and cardiovascular conditions,
not to mention the legion of lesser maladies such as arthritis, allergies, obesity,
untold skin issues, and microbial infestation including intestinal bacteria, yeasts,
and uninvited parasitic interlopers.
We Become What We Eat and Metabolize
Each of us is a mirror image of what we eat and metabolize. By our excessive and
compulsive eating of “junk food” we have morphed ourselves into an obese nation.
We must therefore relearn to focus on the quantity and quality of food we now
mindlessly ingest, if we are to survive this curse of obesity. The longer we pursue
longevity through lifestyle and dietary discipline and discretion, the longer we will
sustain life and enjoy living.
Our dietary reservoir often resembles a big balloon—an unsightly storage bin
overflowing with its toxic surplus, while growing into all kinds of shapes and
variations driven by maldigestion, unpleasant and intolerable allergies, alternating
constipation and diarrhea, fluid retention, and noxious waste accumulation all of
which manifest themselves in recurring fever, constant colds, coughing and
sneezing, runny nose, eczemas, and the like.
VerVita™ Klenz™ for Internal Cleansing
Difficulty in pursuing and living a disciplined lifestyle in terms of eating and
drinking and gorging on the vast array of today’s counterfeit and intolerable
foodstuffs can be helped by supplementing with VerVita™ Klenz™—one with each
meal. It will assist the gatekeepers of digestion, metabolism, and waste
management in dumping all the excess, the bad, the sluggish, the undigested, and
the odors—to treat and neutralize them as wastes, thereby allowing the body to
deflate obesity, eliminate painful gout, ameliorate irritating allergies, and assist in
eradicating associated maladies.
VerVita™ Klenz™ in and of itself, however, while designed to deal with the
aftermath of self-inflicted dietary damage is no panacea substitute for self-control,
caloric restriction, and a healthy, balanced diet. Real foods—fresh, raw, organic
fruits, vegetables, nuts like almonds, pecans, and walnuts, and sprouted greens
from seeds and grains will serve to restore gastrointestinal and detoxification
competence. Learn to enjoy beets to purify your blood, asparagus to pamper your
kidneys, and artichokes to protect your liver.
®2010 | VerVita™ Products LLC | 616-662-3197 (Office/Orders) |
In addition to keeping properly and adequately hydrated, consider the following
adjunctive therapies for periodic natural cleansing and detoxification:
 Exercise – 30 minutes 2-3 times weekly to support the lymphatic system
and to induce an invigorating sense of well-being
 Massage – Supports the lymphatic system and promotes relaxation
VerVita™ Klenz™ Supplement Facts
VerVita™ Products designed its cleansing formula to include the following nutrients
for support of the organs and organ systems of detoxification:
 Amino Acids – L-Carnitine, L-Methionine
 Antioxidants – Lipoic Acid (supports immune and metabolic functions)
 Herbs – Arrowroot, Garcinia cambogia, Oregano, Uva Ursi
 Minerals – Chromium (supports blood sugar metabolism)
 Vitamins – Choline, D3 (support immune and liver functions)
 Other – Carbamide (food grade urea supports kidney function, denatures
sick proteins the body holds and refuses to release)
All these substances from Nature’s pharmacy combine to provide support to the
wide array of biochemical activities associated with digestion and its metabolism—
from ingestion to elimination. In the herbal category, Oregano acts as a broadspectrum antimicrobial; Uva Ursi or Bearberry supports urinary function;
arrowroot acts as a toxin antidote and delivers a demulcent or soothing effect to
the gastrointestinal tract; and Garcinia cambogia supports normal appetite, body
weight, lipid levels, and fat and carbohydrate metabolism.
VerVita™ Klenz helps the body with its detoxification processes by providing
nutritional support, promoting lymphatic circulation, neutralizing toxins,
eliminating pathogens, stimulating liver and gallbladder function, and
strengthening the cleansing organs. Cleansing has never been easier and more
effective. VerVita™ Klenz™ makes all the difference.
Recommended Dosage - 3 per day, one with each meal.
Caution - Contraindicated for children and pregnant and/or lactating women.
Companion VerVita™ Products
 GastroDigest II™ – enhance phase I and II digestion
 Cir-Q Tonic™ – vegetarian supplement that lubricates and protects the
most delicate parts and tissues of the waste management system from
debilitating wastes and toxins.
 Immune Harmony™ essential oil for allergies and immune/bladder support
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®2010 | VerVita™ Products LLC | 616-662-3197 (Office/Orders) |