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What Is CookShop Classroom for After-School?
CookShop Classroom for After-School uses hands-on exploration and
cooking activities to help children ages 6 to 12 learn to enjoy and
appreciate a healthy diet.
Through this federally funded curriculum, the Food Bank trains, equips
and provides support to teachers and aides to lay the foundation for
positive, healthful eating habits that will last for life.
CookShop, a nutrition education
program of the Food Bank For New
York City, gives low-income New
Yorkers of all ages the knowledge
and information needed to make
healthy food choices.
With interactive workshops
engaging more than 15,000 New
Yorkers across all five boroughs,
and social marketing targeting
more than 100,000 youth,
CookShop teaches cooking skills
and nutrition information, and
fosters enthusiasm for fresh,
affordable fruit, vegetables,
legumes and whole grains.
For more information, please
contact Alexandra Chan,
CookShop After-School
Manager, at
[email protected]
CookShop students …
CookShop educators …
Identify and describe the
USDA’s MyPyramid and the
food groups.
Receive comprehensive,
interactive training from Food
Bank For New York City staff.
Explore the health risks of diets
high in sugar and fat.
Get all of the support,
equipment, food and supplies
needed to implement the
curriculum successfully.
Practice using food labels to
make healthy food choices.
Prepare simple, affordable,
nutritious snacks and meals.
Integrate CookShop curricula
across multiple subjects, such
as science, literacy and math.
Share knowledge with family,
friends and community members.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
This material was funded by USDA’s Food Stamp Program (SNAP). The Food Stamp Program (SNAP) can
help you buy nutritious foods for a better diet. To find out more, contact 311.
“Every day the children would
ask me when we're having the
class, though they knew it was on
Friday. Kids who were absent
were very upset and would ask me
for specific details
detai about what
they missed, what we ate, etc.
Thank you for the wonderful
opportunity this presented to the
children and staff members.”
— James Powell
After-School Teacher
Children’s Aid Society
Drew Hamilton Center
West Harlem
Most children
ldren need to see, touch, taste and smell a new
food more than a dozen
ozen times before they are ready to
decide whether they like it. CookShop lessons are designed
to build familiarity with healthy food options.
Children learn about the different parts of plants, and taste
and cook with foods from each part. Age
curricula introduce students to nutritional concepts, and
build skills needed for reading labels and making informed
choices. Lessons are reinforced through exercises in
language, social studies, science and math.
CookShop curriculum materials provided by the Food Bank
For New York City include such teaching tools as Teacher’s
Guides, Activity Sheets,, Family Newsletters, and all of the
food and equipment needed for class activities.
“I appreciate all your support,
and teachers and students alike
all had great things to say about
— Rebekah Oakes
Program Director
The Renaissance Charter School
School-based sites eligible for CookShop must serve a student population of which at least 50 percent
receives free or reduced-price
price school lunch
lunch. CookShop Classroom for After-School
School may also be
implemented at CACFP sites or public housing facilities. For sites that wish to implement CookShop Classroom
for After-School:
A minimum of two groups or classes of students, ages 6 to 12, must participate.
A program staff person in each
ch site must be designated the CookShop Coordinator.
Coordinator This person will
be the liaison between the site and Food Bank for all CookShop-related activities.
All Site Directors must attend a program o
orientation prior to the program start.
At least two staff members and the CookShop Coordinator must attend a training prior to the start of
the program.
To request an application or for questions on your site’s eligibility,
please contact Alexandra
dra Chan, CookShop After-School Manager, at [email protected]