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Commitment to Nutrition and Well-Being
Kraft understands that consumers increasingly want to feel good about the foods that they eat.
 Kraft led the industry when it came to making changes that improved the nutrition and well-being of
our products.
 We remain committed to improving the nutritional profile of our products and are always looking for
ways to provide choices that help consumers feel better about the foods that they eat - this includes
everything from improved nutrition to simpler ingredients.
Healthy Oils
Type of fat matters. Oils should replace solid fats when possible because of their beneficial impact on
blood cholesterol. Many of our Kraft salad dressings and Mayo can help consumers increase their intake
of unsaturated fats, have the added benefit of enhancing the flavor of vegetables, whole grains and lean
proteins, and can be used in versatile ways. Planters nuts are a small but mighty food choice that provides
heart smart unsaturated fats.
Beneficial Ingredients
We offer many products with beneficial nutrients and wholesome ingredients such as Lunchables with
Smoothies that provide a good source of protein and an excellent source of Vitamin C, Capri Sun All
Natural 100% Juice. In addition Planters Peanuts, both oil roasted and dry roasted, are nutrient dense
snacks with 7 grams of protein and a good source of 6 essential nutrients. Planters NUT-rition is a line of
great-tasting nut mixes specially designed to help meet the nutrition and well-being needs of our
consumers. Varieties include Omega-3, Heart Healthy and Men’s Health Recommended Mixes. We
continue to introduce new items such as Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs which are made with real
meat, cheese and nuts, and are an excellent source of protein.
Simpler Ingredient Lines
We are committed to simplifying our ingredients by offering products with no artificial flavors, colors or
preservatives. We have reformulated some of our iconic brands like Kraft Regular and White American
Singles to contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, while Kraft Regular and 2% Milk American Singles
are colored with paprika and annatto, both of which are derived from spices. We also now make Kraft
Macaroni and Cheese Shapes with natural colors derived from spices.
Quality Ingredients
For more than 140 years, Philadelphia has been making its products with fresh local milk and real
wholesome cream and now we have added more fruits and vegetables to our most popular spreads.
We are also on a journey to improve our Kraft Salad Dressings and recently introduced NEW Classic
Ranch, with more creamy buttermilk and savory herbs and NEW Kraft Zesty Italian, with even more herbs,
spices. and vegetables.
Reduced Sodium
Kraft completed a 3 year effort to reduce sodium by 10% across our portfolio, the equivalent of 13 million
lbs. – almost 1 billion teaspoons. Several of our iconic products like Kraft Singles, Kraft Macaroni and
Cheese Cups, and Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Smoked Ham achieved even greater sodium reductions.
Fewer Calories
Kraft offers a variety of low or reduced calorie products. Example products include: Capri Sun Roarin’
Waters, many delicious Sugar Free Jell-O dessert options, Philadelphia Light cream cheese, Kraft Fat Free
mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, Kraft 2% Milk cheeses, Kraft Lite and Fat Free salad dressings, and lean meat
options including Oscar Mayer Lean Beef Hot Dogs. Additionally, we pioneered the liquid concentrate
category with MiO, which has provided consumers with a calorie-free way to add flavor to bottled water;
and have recently expanded by introducing Crystal Light and Kool-Aid liquid concentrates.
Commitment to Nutrition and Well-Being
Kraft Nutritionists work to bring nutritious to delicious
We help consumers put Healthy Living into action with product choices,
recipes and information to meet a wide range of eating occasions and
personalized dietary goals as part of a balanced lifestyle.
Nutrition Update is an online resource featuring an extensive library of
nutrition education materials. It also serves up delicious Healthy Living
recipe collections for common dietary goals and Continuing Professional
Education self-study modules. Visit
Kraft provide s consumers with food solutions every day
food & family magazine reaches over 1 million subscribers providing
recipes and tips for all occasions; and our Spanish language version
comida y familia is the largest food dedicated publication for
Hispanic consumers.
Most recipes on have full nutrition information so
consumers can find food that fits their dietary goals, over thousands
of these recipes are Healthy Living recipes. We also provide content
for those concerned about diabetes, and “how to” videos using
produce and other food-for-you ingredients.
Kraft external partnerships reinforce our commitment to
nutrition and well-being
Kraft was a founding member of U.S. Children’s Food & Beverage
Advertising Initiative (CFBAI), part of the Better Business Bureau whose
goal is to market only better-for-you foods to children.
Kraft is a member of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation which
was part of an industry effort that reduced 6.4 trillion calories from the
food supply (exceeding the goal by 400%) which was achieved through
reformulation, new products and portion control from 2007 to 2012.
To help consumers make informed choices Kraft is implementing the
Facts Up Front labeling system on all of its products .
Kraft supports many programs that provide
food and nutrition resources to those in need
The Kraft Foods Foundation is a long time partner of
Feeding America and in 2013 alone Kraft donated more
than 20 million lbs. of food (18 million meals).
Kraft recently contributed towards the launch of the
Healthy Food Bank Hub which provides recipes and
resources to learn about healthy food choices.
Kraft Community Gardens have generated over 30,000
lbs. of fresh produce to area food shelters.