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April, 2011
Everything you ever wanted
to know about Genelia
Chill Time
Summer drinks to wash away
your ‘sins’
Red Eating
Boost your Red Food intake:
Go Healthy
director speak
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Chief Editor:
Althea Shah (GM - Operations)
Editorial Co-oridinator & Space Marketing by:
Pooja Thakur (Head-Ad Sales, Gold’s Gym)
Sanyukta D. Khandke (Ad Sales Executive)
Cover: Genelia D’souza
Photography - Farrokh Chothia
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It's Summer time again....
What is summer? The warmest season of the year, sweat,
humidity, irritation, dehydration? Or is it a season of fruition,
fulfilment, happiness, and beauty. It is time to head to a
beach resort, time to swim, time to flaunt those sexy bikini
bodies, time to enjoy the amazing fruits in season.
It is the best time to do that diet you have been promising
yourself since the new year as this is the time when you do
not feel the hunger pangs you feel in the winter. It is the time
to wake up early and go for that outdoor run which you
cannot do in winters as you are too busy getting all too comfy
under the warm mattresses.
We are fortunate to live in a country like India which is
blessed with a very good climate that helps agriculture. With
a rich culture, heritage and now Information Technology
India has come a long way.
Fitness is an integral part of our lives and we at Gold's Gym
are striving hard to make it even more enjoying and different.
With a variety of equipment, group classes, spinning,
swimming, rock climbing, yoga, Pilates, all this combined
with outdoor workouts, beach games, fitness challenges and
sports; Gold's Gym makes it a wholesome experience.
Now proudly showcasing 67 gyms with 15 under presales
and more to come Gold's Gym has emerged as the fastest
growing gym chain in the world. Gold's Gym management is
taking every effort to make this possible by educating the
staff, getting in professional trainers to upgrade the
knowledge and getting newest and latest equipment and
All this would not have been possible without your unstinted
support and love. We know fitness is a passion and we take it
as our responsibility to convert your passion to a habit and
make it your lifestyle.
Do let us know how we can improve your experience in the
A-1 Enterprise
Gold’s Gym, Garden View,
J Mehta Marg, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai 400 006.
Tel.: 0091 22 23694654/ 23694677
P. S. Don't forget your sunscreens and hats
Advertising enquires on:
e: [email protected]
t: 098204 44285/ 092235 93185
G Ramchandran
Director & Promoter
Gold’s Gym, India
health & care
health & care
Three easy things a bodybuilder must do to
Prevent Heart
by Sheru Angrish
and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) have a multitude of health
benefits for the bodybuilder specifically, including
increased fat burning and improved sugar metabolism,
which are good for obvious reasons. In addition, EPA and
DHA decrease the effect of genes involved in fat storage
which helps maintain lean mass while bulking. They also
down-regulate genes involved in inflammation, which is an
important marker of long term health. In fact I also take a
baby aspirin per day to keep the damaging effects of
inflammation at bay. EPA/DHA have been shown to reduce
the risk of stroke and sudden death along with improving
blood lipid profiles by increasing the beneficial HDL
cholesterol and slightly reducing the damaging LDL
cholesterol. All of these things are great for the bodybuilder
and exercise enthusiasts and are important for them who
want to maintain maximum health and vitality.
Fish Oil is the first powerhouse in keeping the bodybuilder
safe from heart disease. Many bodybuilders that use illegal
anabolic steroids, but even standard “natural”
bodybuilders should consider supplements that will spare
them the heart disease associated with higher blood
pressure. Anabolic steroids could possibly alter lipid
profiles, so it is even more important for people using
steroids to maintain safe lipid levels and blood pressure.
Fish Oil contains two main ingredients; DHA and EPA.
These omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
Fish oil is a great source for anti-inflammatory
prostaglandins and is implicated in the reduction of bowel
disorders and cancer of the bowel, which is of importance
to anyone who is concerned about health. Colon cancer is a
very common form of cancer that affects millions of people.
Fish oil causes a reduction in platelet aggregation and
stickiness which reduces arterial inflammation is good for
everyone. Finally, fish oil has been shown to reduce liver
tumor metastasis and formation, which is a good thing for
people. I take 4-6 fish oil capsules per day in divided doses
as a way to increase the positive effects of a healthy diet and
keep blood lipids in check.
Magnesium is a very important mineral that is almost lost in
our refined and cleaned water supply. This simple mineral
has the power to save lives and increase the effectiveness
of your creatine supplements and it is cheap and available
in safe over the counter supplements! So why aren't we
taking Magnesium? Low magnesium has been linked to
increased risks for sudden death, high blood pressure, type
II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The average Indian
is not even close to the lowest RDA dose of 420mg.
Remember the RDA is the ABSOUTE MINIMUM needed to
prevent diseases, not the OPTIMAL dose. I take 1000mg of
Magnesium Oxide per day as a way to supplement my diet.
Unless you eat a diet VERY high in vegetables, you are
probably running on the low side of magnesium. Running
low on minerals is like running your car with only 1 quart of
oil in it. It might still get you around, but your chances of
failure are higher than if you don't run optimal fluid levels!
With magnesium being so inexpensive, you can't afford to
miss this crucial mineral in your supplement plan. (Oh! And
do plan on getting a bottle for your mom & dad if you want
to help them prevent heart disease and type II diabetes... I
have a bottle for mom and dad). Good magnesium intake is
associated with improved insulin sensitivity, optimal
lipoprotein levels, suppression of abnormal heart rhythms,
reduced blood pressure, headache relief, and improved
exercise capability. Magnesium can also augment your use
of creatine by helping the cells take in more creatine via
increased membrane permeability and osmotic factors.
Magnesium can also reduce lactic acid in the cells, making
it essential prior to a heavy training session if you want to
squeeze the most out of each workout. Magnesium is very
hard to get in the diet, so don't skimp on the MgO!
Blood banks are often low in this country and it is a great
idea to give blood, it could help save your life and the lives
of many people in need, but is there more benefit to giving
blood other than doing the public good? Yes, it seems that
giving blood for men could also save your life lessen the
effects of the “bodybuilding” lifestyle. Men have a higher
incidence of heart disease and congestive heart failure than
women and one of the possible causes is the higher blood
iron levels found in men. Giving blood at least once a year is
a way to reduce these harmful levels of blood iron.
Bodybuilders specifically have a tendency to have high
blood iron levels due to their consumption of meat
products as a way to get increased protein. One of the
reason for men's version of multi-vitamins is the difference
in need for iron between men and women. You will find
many of the men's formulas do not contain iron
supplementations due to the implications on heart disease.
Men and women with a genetic abnormality that have
slightly higher iron levels were found to have over two
times as much chance of developing cardiovascular
disease. Also, a Finnish study showed that men who give
blood at least once a year had an 88% reduced risk of heart
attacks. With bodybuilders relying on lean red meat to
supply increased protein, the need to give blood is even
more substantial! There is no negative to donating blood
and the potential health benefits could be amazing! So, take
advantage of your local blood drive to do yourself and your
community some good! Tell your friends and family to do
themselves a favor and donate blood at least once a year to
maintain good heart health! One last positive benefit of
giving blood is that you are screened for almost every blood
born pathogen which is a positive side benefit! This article
does not constitute medical advice. Check with your
physician before starting any supplement program.
April, 2011
livin’ with liquids!
Waltz through the summer heat easily by tinkling these chiller specials,
especially mixed for you by mixologist, Gavin Barboza
All you need is:
45 Ml. English Cream Infused With Ammareto
30 ML Expresso Infused With Barcadi Black
Then do it right:
Layer English cream, then coffee and the whipped cream
in a shot glass and dust it with Coffee and serve.
April, 2011
livin’ with liquids!
All you need is:
½ Tea Spoon Red Chilly Powder
Chaat Masala Powder
Guava Juice
Then do it right:
Shake vodka and guava juice in ice with
the powder. Mix and serve in an old
fashioned Glass rimmed with red chilly
powder and chaat masala!
livin’ with liquids!
All you need is:
Lime Juice
Blueberry Syrup
Then do it right:
Muddle lime with mint and
blueberry syrup. Add Bacardi.
Mix in the ice. Top up with Sprite.
eat right
hen it comes to healthy eating, many of
peel too) and you will be getting the
us think about eating enough protein or fibre
antioxidant, quercetin, that has been
and avoiding sodium and saturated fat. But,
shown to slow the growth of cancer
how many of us attempt to eat colourfully?
cells. They also contain a healthy dose
In this article, we'll explore the nutritional
of vitamin C, needed for immunity
value of red foods. The more colourful our
defense and the absorption of iron.
diet, the better! We know all green foods are 3) Red onions also contain quercetin. A
good for us and provide a wide variety of
simple switch from using yellow to red
health benefits, but we tend to overlook red
onions will offer more dietary protection
foods and their health benefits.
from cancer.
4) Improve heart health with red grapes,
What's in the red color food?
red cabbage, beets and cherries. All
these contain anthocyanin, a pigment
Most of the nutrients we'll talk about in this
that helps keeps our hearts healthy. The
article are antioxidants. That means they
anthocyanin pigment found in these red
protect our bodies' cells from damage
foods also helps certain skin conditions,
caused by normal body reactions, smoking,
like eczema, to heal. Foods like beet are
sun damage, pollution, ageing, etc. By doing
also a very rich source of Beta carotene
so, they provide protection from cancers
– which is a coulr pigment similar to
and age-related diseases.
chlorophyll. Beta carotene is converted
1) The most talked about red nutrient is
to Vitamin A in the body. Thus helpful
lycopene – especially high in tomato
for skin, reproductive hormones as well,
products. In fact, cooked tomato foods
like tomato sauce and ketchup contain
radishes contain glucosinolates,
the highest amounts of lycopene. It is
which are substances that produce the
also found in other red foods such as
strong spicy flavor in radishes.
watermelon. The biggest benefit of
Glucosinolates dramatically slow the
lycopene is that it can dramatically
growth of colon cancer cells.
lower your risk of developing prostate
cancer. For women, it may also lower
6) Guava is one of the most nutritious
the chances of developing lung, breast,
fruits—high in fibre, vitamins A, C, B3
and stomach cancers. Tomatoes also
and G4, needed for eyes, heart and
contain about 20 vitamins and minerals,
immunity. Guava also contains
including vitamins A, C and K, which
potassium, magnesium and
help maintain body functions like eye
polyunsaturated fatty acids, important
sight, immune defense and skin
for digestive health and regulation of
regeneration. Other essential nutrients
also include copper, folate, potassium
7) Strawberries, besides tasting great,
and manganese, necessary for nerve
contain vitamins C and K as well as
protection, bone health and maintaining
manganese, potassium, folate and fibre.
normal blood sugar. Tomatoes also
These aid in calcium absorption and
contain vitamin B2 which has been used
regulation of blood sugar.
to treat migraines.
8) Raspberries have the highest amounts
2) Apples are a super food, adding low fat,
of antioxidants of any fruit, which are
nutrition and fiber to our diets. Choose
beneficial in treating inflammation, pain,
to eat red skinned apples (eat the apple
cancer, heart disease and allergies. They
By Munira Jawadwala Kawad
AGM - Training and Sports Nutrition
also contain vitamin C, fibre and
9) Cherries are sweet and tangy and
contain several photochemical and
antioxidants, including melatonin, which
helps regulate sleep, wards off jet lag
and reduces memory loss.
10) Watermelon contains vitamins C, B1
and B6, as well as potassium and
magnesium, needed for immune and
cardiovascular health. It contains
lycopene which is known to prevent
certain types of cancer and contains
iron that keeps one active and increase
11) Pink Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C,
antioxidants and fibre which help
prevent cancer and lowers cholesterol.
12) Red Peppers contain vitamins A, C and
B6, needed for immunity defence, brain
development and function, and skin, eye
and muscle strength. Peppers are also a
good source of fibre, potassium,
manganese and folate, which are
important for maintaining a healthy
weight and lowering cholesterol.
13) Red Kidney Beans contain protein,
antioxidants and fiber important for a
healthy diet. Protein helps repair and
rebuild damaged cells and tissues.
Fiber, omega 3 and antioxidants help
prevent disease, lower cholesterol
levels, and relieve constipation
· Sprinkle some raspberries into yogurt for a
breakfast or snack
· Mix dried cranberries with almonds for an onthe-go snack
· Sautéed red onion and add to chili or soups
Always remember that every color in the
food has some nutrients. Therefore the
more colorful is the diet; the more balanced
is the meal.
April, 2011
eat right
eat right
Eat a variety of foods. A balanced diet is one
that includes all the food groups – have
foods from every color, every day!
Eat less of some foods and more of others.
The bands for meat and protein (purple) and
oils (yellow) are skinnier than the others.
That's because you need less of those kinds
of foods than you do of fruits, vegetables,
grains and dairy foods.
You also can see the bands start out wider
and get thinner as they approach the top.
That's designed to show you that not all
foods are created equal, even within a
healthy food group like fruit. This food
pyramid should go along increased activity.
For this reason, Gold's Gym India
announces Fitness for Kids for various age
groups in the financial year, 2010-11.
How Much Do I Need to Eat?
This depends on your age, whether you're a
girl or a boy, and how active you are. Kids
who are more active burn more calories, so
they need more calories.
healthy eating for kids
Serving size is based on the foods
consumed. Here are Serving sizes for
common grain foods:
· 1 slice of bread
· ½ cup cooked cereal – oatmeal/ porridge
· ½ cup of rice or pasta
· 1 small chapatti
· 4–8 year olds need 4–5 servings a day
· 9–13 year old girls need 5 servings a day
· 9–13-year-old boys need 6 servings a day
And one last thing about grains: Try to make
at least half of your grain servings whole
grains, such as 100% whole-wheat bread,
brown rice and oatmeal.
Of course, you need your vegetables,
especially those dark green and orange
ones! But how much is enough? Vegetable
servings are measured in cups...
· 4–8 year olds need 1½ cups of veggies
each day
· 9–13 year old girls need 2 cups of
veggies each day
· 9–13-year old boys need 2½ cups of
veggies each day
Sweet, juicy fruits are definitely part of a
healthy diet. Here's how much you need:
· 4–8 year olds need 1–2 fruits each day
· 9–13 year olds need 2 fruits each day
Calcium builds strong bones to last a
lifetime, so you need these in your diet...
· 4–8 year olds need 2 cups of milk (or
another calcium-rich food) each day
· 9–13 year olds need 3 cups of milk (or
another calcium-rich food) each day
If you want something other than milk, you
can substitute yogurt, cheese, or calcium
fortified orange juice, just to name a few.
These foods contain iron and lots of other
important nutrients. Like grains, these
foods are measured in servings sizes:
· 30gm of meat, poultry, or fish
· ¼ cup cooked dry beans
· 1 egg
· 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
· About a small handful/10gm of nuts or
· 4– 8 year olds need 3-4 servings a day
· 9–13 year olds need 5 servings a day
By Munira Jawadwala Kawad
AGM - Training and Sports Nutrition
April, 2011
travel right
travel right
What was it that made us dive into Malaysia without
welding the trip to Singapore and Thailand? Well, we had
frequented the two countries earlier and were flying into
Kuala Lumpur for our 8-year old's examination at the
international level.
Malaysian Sojourn
The air travel was comfortable and satisfying, thanks to the
hospitality, patience and attention extended by the
supportive airline crew. We stayed at the Jalan Imbi
district. Cosy, safe. Located nodally in the same block as
leading five star hotels.
Soon enough we did the mandatory round of the Petronas
Twin towers, dubbed the third tallest building(s) in the
world. Shot fabulously in many movies (cabbies regale
with tales of Don 2 now being shot in Malacca with
Shahrukh Khan (he's probably the world's most famous
Indian) the glass and steel building duo dominate the
Malaysian city scape. Fringed by a wading pool (forget
carrying swimsuits here), green ears in plenty of foliage,
racing cars on display, fountains to the rear. The stylised
advertisements for Malaysia to rake in tourists claim its
truly Asia.
Little India was a quaint little shopping nook just near
Masjid India. Laced with bustling shops on a Friday
evening, the strip offered a plethora of magnets – crocs,
flashy clothes, T-shirts and bags in the cheap imitation
zone and mouth watering street food, a.k.a. tandoori
chicken and fried pakoras! We tucked in tasty puri aloo,
dosas and gulabjamuns at Saravar Bhawan here!
MyDin chain of stores offer inexpensive shopping. The
quality is not as good as the Times Square mall (this is
cheaper than the Metrojaya chain of malls for bulk buying
of souvenirs). Chinatown forms the pulsating hub for locals
and expats alike in the night shopping zone. The local fruit,
the great hairy litchies formed mounds on street stalls.
Yummy!! Reminds you of a better-than-litchi smoothie.
Luscious plums, chunky watermelons. Haggle for your life
and net in fabulous deals on shoes, quirky chappals,
cartoonish socks, fake sunglasses and other memorabilia!
By Shivya Madan
Cabs are a sheer rip off in Kuala Lumpur (where aren't
they, for a tourist?). No one seems to go by the meter once
they espy that you are the tourist. Flat rates are what they
demand – take it or leave it. Of course, it is better that you
chat up with the locals at the reception, cabbies or even
cashiers at stores to get unbeatable local inputs on where
to eat and go.
Genting Highlands (located 51 km NE of KL), I think was
highly overrated. Probably a super experience if you are a
honeymooning couple with hours to spare, only for the
casino. The now-rainy, now-sunny weather played hookey
through the day we were there. Clouds floated through the
carousel and the roller coaster as we chomped on
cappuccino popcorn! Reminded us of Mussoorie and
Lonavla. We boarded the cable car to make the 3.5 km zip
up the verdant coated Highlands and were keen to attack
the theme parks. The outdoor theme park stands laced with
all possible rides. Snow World, in my opinion was the
biggest attraction inside!
Putrajaya fringes KL. The new township is the pioneer of
Green Technology cities. It even recently hosted an
international meet on green cities. Broad roads, carved out
parks, spacious schools, hospitals and apartments. A tad
isolated though! Reminds you of what Noida was some 20
years ago!
In comparison, Sunway Lagoon was teeming with tourists.
The location is a buzzing amalgam of five parks: a theme
park, wildlife interactive park, an amusement park, a water
park and an extreme park. Click away as the Burmese
python snoozes, lock into your camera the playful fight
between two sloth bears, let the ostriches tower, enjoy the
tide pool, Malaysia's first bungee jump, and massive open
slides that whoosh you through the water park while you
get a spray tattoo done and slurp on ice cream sticks.
Spells sheer fun, with the tripping music. But yes, its
closed on Tuesdays.
famed Petronas, the Aquaria makes for a mind-boggling
array of over 5,000 marine organisms. From shoals of
piranha to the bellied starfish, massive turtles, toads and
stingrays to the blue octopus, live corals, speckled lizards,
giant desert rats, giant arapaimas and more. Children can
feed the fish (@ 5 RM per cup), snap up mementos at the
tourist trap – the souvenir shop, walk through the
mesmerising 90 metre long underwater tunnel to wave at
the scuba diver feeding the marina and enjoy the
movement of fish above their heads. Their cylindrical
aquarium, about 20 ft high, packed with swirling gilled
creatures looks surreal. Few know that the Aquaria is
accessible through the underground interlink from Tower
Records in Suria KLCC. In effect, when you are done with
the Petronas, you can walk down in two minutes to the
oceanarium. Their Jewels of the Jungle section is strapped
with a stellar collection of reptiles including the anaconda,
the green snakes and tarantulas.
Wonders of the world or no. We choose to believe that
Penang and Langkawi probably would have formed the
truly Asia bit!
Unless you like the local food served up ghetto style, you
won't enjoy Jalan Utor with its hanging meats. We sampled
the best local food and curries at the swanky Pavilion Mall
– which makes the Palladium mall in Mumbai resemble a
tiny dot! Multiple entrances, international brands, a
pulsating food court, you get it all here. Luckily our trip
was timed during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year,
the year of the Rabbit, on 3rd Feb. The entire city was
streaked with scarlet lanterns, winking lights, huge artificial
flowers, mini tangerine shrubs (a symbol of luck) and
We saved the best for last. Hours before flying out of KL,
we made a quick visit to the Aquaria KLCC...
A sprawling yet mini version of the Underwater World at
Singapore, the Aquaria is often missed by many. Located at
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre at KLCC, a hop from the
Gazing in amazement! Aquaria KLCC
April, 2011
eat right
Worried about those ungainly inches piling up
on your behind? Nutritionist Dr. Sunita Dube
tosses up a few fat-free options to chomp on
this summer, when you simply feel like grazing.
Mix sprouts with freshly chopped seasonal fruits,
low fat yogurt and salt
Prepare a platter of chilled fruits – watermelon
chunks, fig fritters, juicy grapes and pomegranate
seeds, topped with shaved almonds.
Make a tofu sandwich. Cut tofu, toss in little oil.
Add salt and paprika. Eat with wholegrain or
brown bread
Cut low fat paneer into pieces. Sprinkle chat
masala and bake. Tuck in with brown bread and
home made chutney. Roasted and grilled version
works better.
Combine orange, carrot and tomato juice with
crushed ice. It adds to your blood flow and lends
an unbeatable shine to your face.
Pineapple chunks mixed with carrot, beet and
basil juice with salt makes for a sound energiser.
Toss up a fresh salad consisting of cabbage,
celery, baby spinach, lettuce, spring greens,
cucumber, tomato, beetroot and a serving of light
salad dressing sprinkle.
April, 2011
celeb talk
celeb talk
What's keeping you busy these days?
I'm shooting for Force with John
Abraham. It is the remake of Kakha
Kakha, a film that did really well down
south. Nishikant Kamat is directing it.
Apart from that, I am shooting for a
few South films as well.
What are your Upcoming releases?
There's Force that comes out
somewhere in the middle of this year.
Also, It' My Life with Harman Baweja
releases this year.
You've got a fab figure. Please share
with us your diet regimen, from morn
to night.
Since I've been an athlete in school and
through my college days, I have to
thank sports for making my body the
way it is and also for regulating my
metabolism. I'm not into dieting and
fad diets at all. I'm quite the foodie but
I choose to eat healthy – home-cooked
food most of the time. I usually have a
king-size breakfast – egg white
sandwiches or stuffed omelettes and
toast. I'm big on fruits and juices. I
tend to have my meals in small
portions. Lunch is either grilled chicken
or grilled fish and a side of salads. And
dinner is chicken or fish gravy with
some veggies. I love home-made food
and end up having home-cooked meals
Everything you ever
wanted to know about
Photographer: Farrokh Chothia
From being a state level athlete and a national level player, to a model and then a film
star - she has come a long way. Starting off with the south film industry and a Filmfare
Award for Best Actress under her belt, she entered the Hindi film industry with a bang.
Let's meet the sweet and cute Genelia, the girl we now know as 'Meow' from Jaane Tu…
Ya Jaane Na, who has stolen many hearts....
often. I drink a lot of water through the
day and I'm quite the juice and
smoothie addict. I also tend to munch
on a lot of nuts and dry fruits.
When you cheat on your diet, you...
Since I don't follow a strict diet, the
question of cheating never really arises.
But there are times when I get these
massive cravings for dessert that I
don't ignore at all and head for the
indulge route!
How do you make up for it?
I don't over-eat and stick to small
portions just to satisfy my craving for
that moment. Every time I have a break
in my shoot schedule, I go for long
walks and make it a point to sprint as
well. That just leaves me feeling healthy
and refreshed.
What's your favoured sport for
exercising and staying fit?
I would strongly recommend football
as I played it in school as well as
college. It works out the entire body
and the pre and post game work-outs
are perfect for keeping fit. I also love
dancercise of any sort. I'm not too fond
of working out in the gym but very
recently, I have started hitting the gym
to make up for all the times when I've
been caught-up in gruellingly long
shoot schedules.
Favoured holiday spot in the world?
Australia and anywhere in Europe.
Treasured souvenir?
I have this fixation for collecting snow
globes and refrigerator magnets from
most of the places I visit.
Where are you headed next?
I haven't really thought about it but
since I haven't gone on a holiday for a
really long time, I'm going to take time
to figure and plan out an amazing trip.
Pearl of wisdom for aspiring
Never compromise on what you believe
in. Put your best smile on every single
day. Work hard but also be able t.o
enjoy whatever you do. And most
importantly, never sell yourself short.
What is your biggest learning so far?
You always know and have heard from
so many people that life is full of ups
and downs. It's only when you face
them yourself, that you realise their
value. The ups make you live in the
present and enjoy your successes and
the downs teach you how to live and
look forward to the future
Know her better
I love: Music & movies
I loathe: The usual - liars, body
odour and suck-ups!
I'm reading at the moment: No
time to read right now at all!
My fetish: Shoes!
What puts me off: When people
don't respect your time.
If I could, I would... I usually
do what I feel like
My favourite cuisine: Thai &
My 4 a.m. friend: I don’t
believe in that concept but I can
say my mom is my closest
Something no one knows about
me: Let's just keep it that way :)
Favourite colour: I love blue,
white and red.
Sweet somethings or spicy
specials? Spicy specials
followed by sweet somethings!
If not an actress: I would have
been... a sports person
My hobbies include: Reading,
surfing the net, music
April, 2011
calendar, 2011
a year full of fitness & health
Gold's Gym celebrated it’s 8th Anniversary party along with the unveiling of it’s annual 2011 Calendar!
The calendar was unveiled by Bollywood stars Neha Dhupia, Mandira Bedi, Reitesh Deshmukh and Sangeeta Bocki winner of ‘Gold's Gym Ms. Fit & Fab 2010’ along with Directors, Mr. G. Ramachandran, Mr. Karan Valecha, Chief
Operating Officer, Mr. Istayak Ansari and GM Operations, Althea Shah.
The star studded calendar has been conceptualised by General Manager Operations - Althea Shah in association with
Nike Sportwear & Cybex International.
Other stars on the calendar are Rahul Khanna, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Emraan Hashmi, Urvashi Sharma, Dino Morea,
Ace Cricketer Sreesanth, Amrita Rao and Ashmit Patel.
Members joined in the celebrations at Bandra on the occasion of the anniversary celebrations and were treated to a
sumptuous low-cal spread by Foodizm, cocktails courtesy Mc Dowell’s and entertaining dance performances by
Unwind Communications...
April, 2011
To download the Gold’s Gym 2011 Calendar,
please visit
April, 2011
gold's gym india: convention
The 3rd Gold's Gym India Convention along with the Annual Award ceremony was held in Phuket, Thailand on 17th, 18th and
19th February 2011 in association with Hoist, Biospace InBody, Polar, Free Motion, Cybex, Precor, Matrix & Kunal Kuwadekar
The award ceremony was held with Franchisees getting trophies for great achievement in the last year amidst Thai splendour,
graceful dancers and a sumptuous Thai dinner. The following Franchisees were awarded for their outstanding performance in
the year gone by.
During the 3 day convention seminars were conducted by eminent speakers and experts in their fields: Mr. John Young, Mr.
John Swete, Mr. Ben Wilde & Mr. Emmett Williams
April, 2011
gold's gym india: convention (continued...)
Presentations were made by:
Mr. V Sridharan – CEO Gympac Fitness Systems Pvt. Ltd distributor of Precor with Mr. Rajinder Kumar– Business Head
International Sales, Mr. Mohit Bhalla Regional head & Mr. Shikhu Ali-Regional Head
Mr. John Young – Senior Vice President, International Sales with Mr. Harmeet Singh Luthra – CEO Kirat International distributer
of Cybex
Mr. Pankaj Balwani – Managing Director Xplore, distributor of Hoist Fitness, Biospace Inbody, Polar & Free Motion with Mr.
Manish Jagwani-Director, Ms. Harseerat Sandhu-Manager Business Development, Ms. Sheynaz Talwariya-Team Leader & Mr.
Dan Djoeandy-Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Free Motion Fitness
Mr. Girish Chawla - Dy. General Manager-Commercial Sales Proline Fitness with Mr Daniel Lai-Sales Manager
The following awards were given out:
Best Presale – Nominations: Kolhapur-Tarabai,
Gurgaon-Palam Vihar
In attendance were Directors from the Gold's Gyms in India along with Corporate team – Chairman Mr. Jagdish ValechaChairman, Director Mr. Rajesh Advani, Director Mr G Ramachandran, Director Mr Karan Valecha and Chief Operating Officer Mr.
Istayak Ansari.
Best New Gym – Nominations: Kolhapur-Tarabai, LucknowMahanagar, Bangalore-Basaveshwar Nagar, Noida-IHDP, Surat
Phuket proved to be a great destination where all enjoyed the hospitality of Holiday Inn, dinner and dancing at Ban Lamai
restaurant, an amazing sight-seeing trip to Phi Phi Islands with snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving and not forgetting the
partying at clubs - Banana, Tiger and Hollywood.
Gym of the Year – Nominations: Bangalore-Richmond,
Guwahati-Ganeshguri, Delhi-Rajouri, Pune-Aundh, MumbaiGoregaon, Kolkata-JN Road.
Best Sub-Franchisee of the Year – Nominations: Ms. Vibha
Vatz – Director Gurgaon-Palam Vihar; Mr. Rohit Dandekar, Mr
Vishal Manopara – Director Mumbai-Goregaon; Mr. Rajesh
Girme – Director Nashik; Mr. Rohan Pusalkar- Director PuneAundh; Mr. Vishwanath Katti – Director BangaloreBasaweshwar Nagar; Mr. Lalit Dhoka – Director Jaipur; Mr.
Manwinder Singh Bal – Director Jalandhar, Mohali; Winner –
Mr. Vishwanath Katti – Director Bangalore-Basaweshwar
April, 2011
gold’s gym
delhi-east of kailash
gold’s gym
Outdoor Workout
Gold's Gym Jaipur organised an outdoor workout for members with the aim
of working out in sunlight.
The aim being to ensure members get enough sunlight and a good dose of
Vitamin D which is one of the very essential element of Bones.
The workout started with a few breathing exercises by the Yoga instructor
which helped in mind relaxation and body detoxification. Head trainer, Mr.
Brijendra Choudhary then took them through a session of light jogging and
stretching and them some abdomen exercise. The session ended with fresh
fruit juices.
Members of Delhi GK ran the Half Marathon in support of an NGO – The Hope Foundation that
takes care of ‘Asharan', an orphanage in Delhi.
Joining the team are Director, Mr. Manu Manchanda, Ms. Pratigya Subramanium &
Mr. Prabhas Kaushik with members of the Hope foundation.
gold’s gym
Gold's Gym Indore was the fitness partner to the ‘IDCA TWENTY-20 2010’ held at
Indore. This was a state level cricket match aired on DD Sports and Gold's Gym
Indore - Palsikar gifted a TATA NANO CAR to the Man of the Series, Mr. T. Sudhindra!
Doing the honours was Director Mr. Jasmeet Singh Chhabra
gold’s gym
Fitness consultant Manisha was awarded for being the highest grosser for the year.
Gold's Gym Mulund celebrated Christmas in a true spirit of
festivity. Present on the occasion were Manager Manish with
celebrity guests Mahima Choudhary and Karan Oberoi.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
Bangra, Arm Wrestling, Bench Press.
Members took part in the traditional dance of Punjab Bangra. A round of Arm-wrestling and a round of bench
press proved that members are not only strong but all
rounders too!
Winners were awarded by Director Mr. Arundeep Toor
Karan Bambi: Arm Wrestling
Sahil Chadha: Bench Press
Cricket is always in season! Members of Gold's Gym
Jalandhar took part in a friendly cricket match on 19th
December 2010. Total no. of Participants are 22 & more
than 150 members were going for watching the match.
Kite Flying Competition was held on
Basent Punchami, the most popular festival of Punjab.
Winners: Saurav Sachdeva & Kunal Choudhary
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
50 members, with the common goal of losing weight, came
together to do just that. They participated in group activities, boot
camp challenge and outdoor workouts motivating each other to
push themselves. Pawandeep Singh and Anumeet Singh were the
winning team, losing 25kgs of total body weight as a team! They
were awarded microwave ovens courtesy Godrej. Mr. A.S Bedi.
winner of awarded the prizes to the winner.
Gold's Gym, Mohali marked Christmas with a celebration
for children at the Mother Teresa's Orphanage, Sector 23.
Children were gifted sports goods – special toys for
toddlers, cricket sets for the young and above all,
medicines for common ailments!
On 17th December, Gold's Gym Mohali, with the presence of Mr.
Gurpreet Singh Bhullar - SSP Mohali, proved once again that they
can stand together for a cause. A Blood Donation Drive was
conducted in association with The Red Cross Society and GMCH’s
32 doctors team. 75 members donated blood which will someday
go on to help save precious lives!
Members competed in a Strength challenge on 18th Feb 2011,showing
exactly how strong their chest muscles are!
Above 80 kg: 1st – Sunny, who lifted 145 kgs,
2nd – Rahul, who lifted 130 kgs!
70–80 kgs: 1st – Ashu, who lifted 115 kgs
2nd – Binny, who lifted 110 kgs!
Below 70 kg: 1st – Parwinder Singh, who lifted 85 kgs,
2nd – Gursewak, who lifted 75 kgs!
Women: 1st – Lovjet, who lifted 70 lbs
2nd – Sudha, who lifted 60 lbs!
April, 2011
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
Gold's Gym Nashik took it's members spinning outdoors at City Centre Mall. 31st October
turned out to be a really hot day with members who turned up the heat, outdoors!
Members took part in a strength challenge – an Arm Wrestling contest in December 2010.
Member Manish Parmar proved to be the strongest.
Gold's Gym Surat celebrated their 1st anniversary in their new premises with their new management on 18th January,
2011. Present on the occasion were Managers Mrs. Dhwani Patel and Mrs. Hiral Shah, along with Director, Mr. Kartik Patel.
gold’s gym
Diwali Utsav
Gold's Gym Secunderabad organised their Diwali Utsav in the November 2010.
Members enjoyed playing games like chess, Carom and Table-tennis. The finals
were held on 3rd November – starting with an intense session of 'Spinnathon' and
many more games...
Winners were awarded certificates by Managing Director - Mr. Radha Charan Reddy.
The event was hosted by Trainer Ramesh & Head Sales, Neeraja
Gold’s Gym Surat created awareness among women to defend themselves on the occasion of women's day.
The self defense workshop was conducted by Guinness World Record winner, Mr. Vispy Kharadi who demonstrated
defensive moves against people gabbing your hand, pointing a knife on your neck or grabbing you by the neck!
Chess: 1st – Saharsh Chowdhary, 2nd – Suresh Sutaram
Carom (Single): 1st – Suresh Sutaram, 2nd – Sai Baba.
(Doubles) – Winner, Narender & Srikanth
Table Tennis: 1st – Jiten Parmar, 2nd – Vinayak Kumar
Spinning: (Gents) 1st – Upen Parekh, (Ladies) – 1st Kajal
gold’s gym
Members danced to the festive glory of Navaratri on
11th November, 2010. After practicing for 2 weeks
they put their best foot forward to the thumping beats
by DJ and enjoyed great food and drinks! Present to
motivate them were Director, Ms. Meena Chheda,
Manager, Ms. Sonikaa Arora and staff.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
bangalore - basaveshwar nagar
Gold's Gym Basaveshwar Nagar celebrated
it's 1st anniversary with a party. Directors
Mr. & Mrs. Vishwamath Katti along with
Ms. Apeksha Katti, staff and members did
the traditional puja before carrying on with
other celebrations!
gold’s gym
Members of Gold's Gym Kolhapur went on a trek to Borbet Kumbhi Dam in backwater Gaganbawda. This scenic place is
65km from Kolhapur. With the help of a professional trekker
– Mr. Rajesh Vora, the 80 member team did the 8 km trek
which took approximately 3 hours to complete!
gold’s gym
Gold’s Gym Faridabad celebrated Valentine’s
carnival at Crown Plaza Mall. Daily lucky draws
were held - shoppers were offered 1 month
complimentary memberships!
A fitness challenge was conducted on 15th
February - “KISME KITNA HAI DUM”, judging
people on maximum number of push-ups,
maximum number ab curls and maximum
distance covered on a cycle. Judging the event
were Manager - Dr. Nitendra, Assistant Manager Arindam & Personal Trainer - Neelam.
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
Gold’s Gym launched it's first corporate gym in North India, in Indiapuram, Gaziabad. This
10,000 sq. ft. gym is situated in the heart of Gaziabad, at the Gaur Gravity Mall. Located
near the famous Kala Pathar Chowk, it is very close to Gaur Green City.
Complete with state-of-the-at equipment, this gym has cardio vascular and strength training
equipment from Cybex and Precor - USA. The free weights area is a separate section
comprising of two sets of benches, racks and plate-loaded equipment from Rebar, USA .
The Olympic plates, bars and dumbbells weigh all the way up to 100 pounds!
A separate spanning and group-ex studio for activities like Yoga, Kickboxing, Aerobics, etc.
is the ideal space for mind & body energising! The gym also has massage rooms and a fully
qualified Weight Loss team.
On the occasion of New Year, Gold's Gym Coimbatore conducted a fitness challenge along with many fun events.
Starting with a 1 minute treadmill run, then some push-ups, the Gold's Gym Iron Man was adjudged as Mr. Prasad.
Members enjoyed playing games like ‘Blasting the Balloon’, ‘Dog and the Bone’ and ‘Dodge Ball’. Kids had a blast
too with a special drawing contest!
Winner: Mr. Harsh Vardhan, Mr. Krishnaswamy, Mrs. Nalin & Master Tharun.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
Gold's Gym felicitated Member Sangaram Chougule for winning the title of Mr. India 2010 and his selection for the Mr. Asia
competition which was held in Bahrain.
Director, Mr. Rohan Pusalkar presented a cash award of Rs 25000/- to Mr. Sangaram Chougule in a typical Puneri Style!
gold’s gym
Gold’s Gym - Lucknow conducted a fat-loss
challenge engaging members in cardio
vascular endurance, strength training and
group activities.
17 members participated in this month-long
activity with just one aim - FAT LOSS!
The results were there to see with all
members getting more than just weight loss.
Winner - Mr. K. S. PAWAR lost 7.7 kgs in
just 21 days!
On the occasion of it's 1st anniversary, Gold's Gym - Aundh also
showcased it's love for nature by growing and nurturing Anamay from its
Nascent stage. Awards were presented to the most improved members
and staff. Showing our solidarity, Director Mr Rohan Pusalkar presented a
Cheque of Rs. 100,000 to the COER members to aid people with special
gold’s gym
Name: Jitendra Murkute
Member: Gold's Gym Pune Aundh
Before Joining Gold's Gym, I was a bit skeptical
on achieving my targets because I had visited
numerous gyms without results! After a lot of
deliberation, I joined Gold's Gym just to give it a
try... And the try was indeed very fruitful. I lost
23 Kgs in just 3 months - which has instilled a lot
of confidence in me. Thanks' to my Trainer
‘Vijay’, without whose expertise I would not have
achieved such a feat!
The members of Gold’s Gym, Lokhandwala celebrated
Valentine’s Day by playing games, dedicating songs to one
another and exchanging roses with their loved ones.
Couples worked-out their bodies and then worked-out their
lungs, blowing balloons!
WINNERS: Sanjeev Sharma and Komal Bhatija.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
Gold's Gym Guwahati conducted a friendly
football match on the 21st November, 2011
at the Sports Authority of India grounds.
The 51st Gold's Gym in India was launched in
Belgaum on the 30th of January, 2011 on
Congress Road, Tilakwadi. The ribbon cutting was
done by Dr. Mahadev Dixit, Director of KLES
(Karnataka Lingayat Education Society's Hospital
& Medical Research Centre) Heart Foundation,
Belgaum and Director - Mr Rohan Pusalkar &
Mr. Sheel Mirji
4 teams Liverpool, Chelsea, Barcelona & AC
Milan competed with each other. The final
match was played between AC Milan &
Team Barcelona won the match by virtue of
a penalty shootout and was presented a
trophy by Director, Mr. Rajiv Jain.
Present from Gold's Gym’s corporate team was
Ms. Mruganka V. S., Manager Franchising.
Individual winners were:
The function started with the lighting of the
traditional lamp and ribbon cutting.
Best Goal Keeper: Mr. Siddhartha Dey
Best Player: Mr. Saibal Das
Belgaum’s Gold’s Gym has a total area of
11,000 sq. ft. built-up and 7,800 sq. ft. of
carpet area. The gym is complete with stateof-the-art cardio and strength equipment
from Matrix and Hoist, USA, a cardio station
comprising of Matrix T5X treadmills, Matrix
R5X Recumbent bikes, a separate group Exstudio and a spinning studio.
Most Energetic Player: Dr. Prakritish Bora
Highest Goal Scorer: Mr. Manish Deka
gold’s gym
Gold's Gym Guwahati conducted a general
eye check-up camp on 24th January, 2011,
in collaboration with Shankar Deva
Nethralaya Hospital. 100 members got their
eyes checked by experienced doctors and
pune - kothrud
The 52nd Gold’s Gym in India was launched at Pune - Kothrud. In attendance
were Directors, Mr. Shakeel Bijapure with Mr. Siddharth Mutha & Mr. Rahul
Deshpande with PRO, Ms. Gurmeet Kaur Mann and GM, Mr. Oanckkar Londde.
Present from Corporate were GM Operations, Ms Althea Shah and AGM
Operations, Mr. Rehan Mohammed.
The gym was launched with a Satya Narayan puja, the 1st member - Mr.
Siddharth broke the symbolic coconut! Approximately 400 members turned up
through the day and were treated to snacks.
The gym has done an excellent pre-sale with 820 member in a span of 2 ½
The gym is equipped with cardio and strength training equipment from Free
Motion Hoist.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
Mini Marathon
35 members ran the marathon from Gold's Gym
Vashi starting from Raghuleela Arcade upto
sector 17 and back!
1st - Sagar Sinde, 2nd - Navin K,
3rd - Ajay Kumar T
1st - Himnisha Arora, 2nd - Rashmi Parekh,
3rd - Dhwani Sharma
Members ran the Marathon at Gold's Gym Bandra
starting from Landmark building right upto Khar
Danda and back!
WINNERS were awarded by ACP Crime Branch,
Navi Mumbai - Vijay Vatkar
1st - Varun Voutinho, 2nd - Arslan Dhunna,
3rd - Misbah Dhunna
Mumbai Marathon
Members from Gold's Gym Kandivali (E),
Kandivali (W) and Goregaon (W) ran 6 kms all
the way from Raghuleela Mall - Kandivali to
Charkop and back!
MALE: 1st - Pritam Assrani, 2nd - Amit Agarwal,
3rd - Nilesh Joshi, 4th - Prakash Bhatt, 5th Yogesh Nagarkoti
FEMALE: 1st - Nilima Jhaveri, 2nd - Bhavana
Bhatu, 3rd - Hetal Gandhi, 4th - Preeti Shah, 5th Meenakshi Kochar
16th January, 2011
42 Members of Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road
and Lower Parel completed the 6 kms starting
from from Nepean Sea Road all the way upto
Kemps Corner and back!
1st - Arun Prasad, Poonam Savla
2nd - Shirzad Kohry, Binita Kohry
3rd - Gaurav Singh, Amisha Savla
Gold’s Gym ran for a cause at the Standard Chartered
Mumbai Marathon 2011 as part of the Corporate Challenge.
Gold’s Gym proudly supported an NGO - Child Reach
School which is a society for the advancement of
appropriate education – an association of parents and
professionals. It was established in 1987, with the objective
of providing services to Slow Learners and children with
Specific Learning Disabilities.
A donation of Rs. 2.50 lakhs was made by Gold's Gym - a
team of 15 people ran the marathon.
The Dream run kicked off at 9:30 a.m. from CST Station
and the team took about 1 hour to complete the run.
Supporting the cause from Gold's Gym were GMOperations Althea Shah, Marketing Executive Shiv Raheja,
Purchase Officer Pushkaraj Marathe, Operations Executive
Soni Verma and members of Gold's Gym.
April, 2011
gold’s gym
gold’s gym
mumbai - kandivali (w)
This unique fitness challenge is a complete test of your fitness levels. This contest
really checks-out your cardio vascular endurance, strength, stamina, and flexibility.
Mumbai, Kandivali (W) | YOGA SESSION
Mumbai, Kandivali (W) | YOGA SESSION
A total of 125 members participated in this fitness challenge at Gold's Gym,
Kandivali (W)
WINNERS - MALE: Overall winner — Nilesh Joshi
Under 20 yrs
Mumbai, Kandivali (W) | YOGA SESSION
On their special outdoor session, members did a
yoga session in the scenic National Park, Borivali
conducted by yoga instructor MunMun Mandal.
Members got along their friends too. All in all a
there was a gathering of 50 participants.
1st Nilesh Joshi
Mumbai, Kandivali (W) | YOGA SESSION
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH WORKOUT
31 to 40 yrs
41 to 50 yrs
Above 50 yrs
Yogesh Keni
Asgar Khan
Ketan Thakkar Vijay Mehta
2nd Vinit M. Trivedi Gaurav J. Goradia Pradeep Patel Mitesh Shah
Vijay Sonawane
3rd Gaurav Nag
Jay Mehta
Adil Khatri
Girish Visaria
WINNERS - FEMALE: Overall winner — Jeel Rughani
Under 20 yrs
25 members took part in a bootcamp workout at
Mini Sea. Truly military style, this workout requires
a lot of energy and is best enjoyed outdoors!
21 to 30 yrs
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH WORKOUT
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH WORKOUT
21 to 30 yrs 31 to 40 yrs
41 to 50 yrs
Above 50 yrs
Leena M. Iyer
1st Madhuri Mehta Jeel Rughani
Hetal Gandhi
Panna P. Raja
2nd Shivangi Vora
Mansi Lal
Anita S. Parekh
Dr. Rashmi Monga - - -
3rd - - -
Sapna S. Gayani Shirin Tafti
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH WORKOUT
gold’s gym
Members ay Nepean Sea Road took in the clean
morning fresh air in this Outdoor workout.
96 members tested their skills at Gold's Gym Kandivali (E)
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH VOLLEYBALL
Members played volleyball in the open at H2O —
mumbai - kandivali (e)
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH VOLLEYBALL
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH VOLLEYBALL
WINNERS - MALE: Overall winner — Akshay Jain
16 to 25 yrs 26 to 35 yrs
36 to 45 yrs
It was a double celebration as member Dhanesh
Chheda celebrated his birthday during the game.
1st Akshay Jain
“I am totally touched by the love and the gesture
shown by Golds Gym Nepean Sea Road team.
Thank u very much!” – Dhanesh Chheda
WINNERS - FEMALE: Overall winner — Savita Tungare
16 to 25 yrs
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH VOLLEYBALL
Mumbai, Nepean Sea Road | BEACH VOLLEYBALL
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | BEACH WORKOUTS
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | BEACH WORKOUTS
Nisheeth Yadav Krishna Shetty
26 to 35 yrs
36 to 45 yrs
1st Priyanka Jhaveri Nazmin Zaffar Savita Tungare
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | BEACH WORKOUTS
Members enjoyed working out in the open air at
Silver Beach.
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | GROUP WORKOUTS
The terrace outside the gym turned into a huge
workout zone while 25 members sweated it out in
the open during the group workout session.
April, 2011
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | GROUP WORKOUTS
Mumbai, Andheri (E) | GROUP WORKOUTS
gold’s gym
mumbai - goregaon (w)
gold’s gym
mumbai - andheri (e)
63 members participated from Gold's Gym Express, Goregaon (W)
22 members participated in the Pure Fitness challenge at Gold’s Gym, Andheri (E) - The Qube
WINNERS - MALE: Overall winner — Ameya Mungi
18 to 25 yrs 25 to 35 yrs
Under 20 yrs
21 to 30 yrs
31 to 40 yrs
1st Ameya Mungi
Rishi Sharma
Umesh Dhand
2nd Chirag Thaker
Sidharh Kangarot Madhu Parasrampuria
3rd Bandish Gosher Mangesh Bramhe Ranjit Singh
35 to 45 yrs
1st Rohit Shetty
Santosh Dhamapurkar Anil Singh
2nd - - -
Masood Shaikh
WINNERS - FEMALE: Overall winner — Tahira Kashyap
Under 20 yrs 21 to 30 yrs
1st Jimi Soni
31 to 40 yrs
41 to 50 yrs
Manali Kamath
Dina Shaikh
1st Sonali Surana
Tahira Kashyap
2nd - - -
Shuhha Tendulkar Madhavi Jain
3rd - - -
Divya Chandrahas Kanchan Singodia Nirmala Dahiya
Suguna Ramakrishna
2nd Nisha Agarwal
gold’s gym
pune - kalyani nagar
Gold's Gym Pune – Kalyani Nagar saw a huge turnout with more than 50 members participating!
WINNERS - MALE: Overall winner — Ahmed Rayegan
19 to 25 yrs 26 to 35 yrs 36 to 45 yrs
gold’s gym
mumbai - vashi
1st Rohit Rath
Ivan Vasquez Suthiv V
2nd Karan Kotnis
Sunil Sheety
Above 46 yrs
Bashir Pathan
Sunil Anthony Depak Nathani
WINNERS - FEMALE: Overall winner — Isha Durani
19 to 25 yrs
40 members at Gold's Gym Vashi also took up the challenge
26 to 35 yrs 36 to 45 yrs
Above 46 yrs
1st Hanika Paryani Triti Damakia
Reena Anthony Sweety Lal
2nd Sneha Heda
Vaishali Desai
Noopur Desai
1st Nikhil Mhatre
Devendra Mudaliar
2nd Sushnto Goswami Sunil Sutar
1st Shrenika Thube Poonam Fulara Preeti Dive
Rasika Katkar
Dhanesh Aher
Manish Jagtani - - -
2nd Himashi Arora
Vasant Salian
gold’s gym
mumbai-nepean sea road
Gold’s Gym Mumbai - Nepean Sea Road saw a huge turnout and more than 60 members participated!
16 to 25 yrs 26 to 35 yrs
36 to 45 yrs Above 46 yrs
1st Kunal Mathur Santosh Shashidar Quaid Zoher
Setu Vaid
2nd Aman Sheth
16 to 25 yrs
1st Sonakshi Jha
26 to 35 yrs
36 to 45 yrs
Vishaka Sanghaneria Rashmi Modi
2nd Adishree Jathia Himja Parekh
Above 46 yrs
Kalpana Kothari
Minakshi Alwani - - April, 2011
gold’s gym
mumbai - nepean sea road
gold’s gym
Dear Shrinivas,
I have been a member of Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road for more than 3 years but am now leaving as I am relocating to Hong Kong.
I wanted to give you some feedback and share my experience. Before coming to India in 2007, I was a member of many gyms in London. I never
gained any benefit from going to those gyms! When I joined Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road, one of your trainers (Aditi Deshpande) approached me and
offered me personal training. I did not think it would make any difference but she insisted that it would, so I agreed.
Aditi was BRILLIANT!!! She was completely focused and 100% determined to show me what a difference PT can make.
Within 6-9 months,
I went from size 34" waist to 30" and my body fat % fell from 20% to below 10%. She has completely changed my life! I
feel happier, healthier, more confident (proud of my body for the first time in my life) and I feel that I have more energy every
kandivali (w)
Valentine Hungama
This is a day for couples
10 Couples worked out together and proved that working out can also be rewarding.
WINNERS: 1st Mrs. Rashi & Raju Monga 2nd Mrs. Madhavi & Madhusudan 3rd Priti Shah & Girish Visaria
gold’s gym
noida, sector 30
Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road is by far the BEST gym I have ever been to. All staff members are AMAZING. I took PT with
Aditi for 3 years and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for her support, motivation and expert guidance. She has
given me the gift of a healthier life and I cannot thank her enough for it.
Games were played like Musical Chairs, Antakshiri, Paper Dance & Quizes
Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road is like an extended family. The trainers genuinely care about their clients and they have this
amazing ability to keep clients motivated and ensure that workouts are effective and fun. I never thought that when I leave
India, the thing I will will miss most is Gold's Gym!
Mr. & Mrs. Monika Sethi won some really cool prizes — dinners from
Mandarain, Salon Services from Waves, Services from Dermatech Clinic!
Thank you and please convey my gratitude to your team.
gold’s gym
Best regards,
Sunil J. Raja
12 couples tried out their luck at the different games
Deutsche Bank AG, Mumbai
WINNERS: 1st Deepak Parwani & Sunanda Hiroo 2nd Anita Bakhtiani & Gulshan Bakhtiani
Credit Risk Management (CRM), Hazarimal Somani Marg, Fort, Mumbai, India
Tel. +91 (22) 6658 4627, Mobile +91 981 987 2466, Email [email protected]
gold’s gym
mumbai - bandra
gold’s gym
pune - kalyani nagar
It was an entire day of fun ‘n’ games on Valentine's at Gold's Gym, Indirapuram with exciting couples’ games,
live DJ and great prizes! Vikrant as the GJ (Gold's Jockey) for the day, played peppy music and got members
on the floor. Members played games like couple squats/ plank/ couple sit-ups with ball/ couple skipping, etc.
The winners won movie tickets and chocolates
WINNERS: Ball squat Nmami & Amita, Shilpa & Dhiraj Plank Ashish & Mamta
gold’s gym
“I have seen excellent results at the Gym
and my Personal Trainer Sudhir has
helped me in changing my lifestyle to a
Healthier one.
- Nayan Kamat
I was one of the first member’s to join
GOLD’S GYM. I have not only lost in kilos
& enjoy working out at GOLD’S GYM; I
find the staff extremely knowledgeable
and helpful!
“I wish Gold’s Gym all the success it
- Dolly Mistry
nepean sea road
It was an entire week of fun ‘n’ games on Valentine’s at Gold's Gym Nepean Sea Road with exciting couples’ games.
Song dedications, power workouts, special abs workouts and couple workouts!
gold’s gym
delhi, rohini
Members let their hair down at the Valentine’s Day
celebrations at Gold's Gym Rohini with couple games.
WINNERS: Best couple Mr. & Mrs. PK Kapoor Mala contest Mr. Ajay & Mrs. Gitanjali Bhatia
April, 2011
gold’s gym
X Mas Party
Women’s Day Celebrations
mumbai - bandra
gold’s gym
kandivali (w)
Sai Prasad, Director, Foodizm
& Capt. Vinod with contestants
On the occasion of Women’s Day, women members of Gold's Gym – Bandra
cooked-up sumptuous dishes during the contest. The food was sampled by
Capt. Vinod Nair, Chetan Bhagat and GM Operations, Althea Shah. Capt.
Vinod Nair gave away the prizes!
First Prize winners: Juveria Merchant cooked some delicious ‘Red Chicken’
& Rachna Sule made some yummy ‘Pattice’.
Second Prize winner: Smriti Khanna made some great ‘Pepper Chicken’
Third Prize winners: Delba Bestanso made Chicken/ Veg Stir Fry, Nidhi
Hosangady made Thai Chicken Soup & Smrita Khanna made Pindi Channa.
The surprise package was the only male entry – Sai Gunderwar who made a
healthy Low fat brownie!
gold’s gym
mumbai, kandivali (w)
Christmas day was here and so was Santa with a lot of
goodies, games, chocolates and eats!
A tattoo artist made little tattoo's on kids’ faces while
a magician kept them enthralled with his tricks...
gold’s gym
Santa played with kids and with balloons then distributed sweets!
Chetan Bhagat
samples winning entries!
gold’s gym
WINNER: 1st Mrs. Panna Raja
nepean sea rd.
A shower of simmer from the magician.
Kids enjoyed the magic show and tattoo painter alike!
gold’s gym
Women cooked up some amazing dishes at Gold's Gym Kandivali (W) truly
showcasing that when it come to cooking they sure have an upper hand!
kandivali (e)
delhi - rohini
played host to 150 people who rocked the night away.
Not just kids, adults shook a leg too!
gold’s gym
Tried it's level best to get Santa a 6pack Abs...!
gold’s gym
noida - sector 30
gold’s gym
played host to 50 children with a magic show and tattoo artists.
Gold's Gym members cooked up Healthy and Nutritious Smoothies
in 5 minutes with no major requirements. Smoothies ranging from
fruit to soy milk and tofu as base was the main attraction!
gold’s gym
goregaon (w)
Played host to 22 children...
gold’s gym
pune - kalyani nagar
Women were treated to a special spinning class out in the open. Women
were treated to hair-styling, skin and beauty counseling by Naturals Salon!
gold’s gym
pune - kalyani nagar
held the Xmas party at their pool side. With a huge 8 ft tree!
The magician enthralled kids in the open air!
gold’s gym
andheri (e)
played host to 25 children too.
Cookery Contest
April, 2011
new sign-ups
gold’s gym
additions to the family
Gold’s Gym, Varanasi: Signed-up on 17th March, 2011 (L-R)
Ms. Mruganka, Franchise Manager West/ Cental India, Mr. Rajesh
Advani, Director, Gold’s Gym India, Mr. M.M. Jaiswal, Director,
Gold’s Gym - Varanasi, Mr. Ajay Jaiswal, Director, Gold’s Gym Varanasi, Mr. Istayak Ansari, COO, Gold’s Gym India, Mr. Prem
Kumar, Franchise Manager North
Gold’s Gym, Sangli: Signed-up on 31st March, 2011 (L-R)
Mr. Istayak Ansari, COO, Gold’s Gym India, Ms. Mruganka V. S.,
Franchise Manager West/ Cental India, Mr. Jagdish Valecha,
Chairman, Gold’s Gym India, Mr. Sakale, Director, Mr. Choughule,
Director, Mr. Karan Valecha, Mr. Devang Parekh
Gold’s Gym, Jabalpur: Signed-up on 15th March, 2011 (L-R)
Mr. Rajeev Gupta, COO, Mr. Istayak Ansari, COO, Gold’s Gym India,
Mr. Mohit Yadav, Director, Mr. Rajesh Advani, Director, Gold’s Gym
India, Mr. Ganesh Yadav, Director, Ms. Mruganka Shaila, Franchise
Manager West/ Cental India, Ms. Munira Kawad, AGM - Training and
Sports Nutrition (PGSSN)
Gold’s Gym, Mangalore: Signed-up on 3rd September, 2010 (L-R)
Mr. Aslam Kassam Merchant, Director, Gold’s Gym Mangalore,
Ms. Aisha Aslam Merchant, Director, Gold’s Gym Mangalore
Even more locations coming soon:
Chandigarh, Dhantoli - Nagpur, BRS Nagar - Ludhiana 2, Karangalpady - Mangalore, Swaroop Nagar - Kanpur, Dayanand Vihar Delhi, Patiala, Gujranwala Town - Delhi, Powai - Mumbai, NIBM - Pune, Gomti Nagar - Lucknow, Jabalpur, Bhatinda, Amitesh Nagar
- Indore, Indiranagar - Bangalore, Koramangla - Bangalore, Meerut, Dwarka - New Delhi, Janakpuri - New Delhi, Raipur