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Accurate coating system
The Mercer BetaCoat
utilizes SAS electrostatics
and other world class
technology to offer a
compact and accurate
system for coating food
The Mercer BetaCoat utilizes SAS electrostatics and other world class technology to offer a compact and accurate
system for coating food products. By measuring the product and coating respectively, and using electrostatic technology
to apply the coating, this system delivers a consistent and cost effective product and an excellent payback.
• Get accurate coating to product ratio
• Dramatically cut powder and coating wastage
• Virtually eliminate dust in your plant, excellent for
shredded cheese coating
• Reduce cleaning significantly on contact surfaces
• Consistent “warp around” product coverage
• Achieves significant cost savings
• Stop tacky products sticking to contact surfaces
• Reduce health issues in your plant
The product to be coated is continuously weighed as its delivered to the
tumble drum. This signal is relayed back through to the loss in weight
metering feeder to dose the correct coating to product ratio. Product
coating can be conveyed to the metering feeder hopper via a pneumatic
conveyor to reduce dust from manual feeding and potential injury The
coating is then delivered to the electrostatic application system which
charges the coating as its conveyed into the drum. Product is coated
immediately and accurately. Providing a consistent economically produced
product with much reduced clean up.
System can come in its individual components or as a kit comprising:
1.Continuous weigher
2.Stainless steel tumble drum, flights suited to respective products.
3.Electrostatic delivery system - available for powder or liquid coatings
4.Loss by weight or volumetric auger feeder
5.Pneumatic powder conveyor, to convey powders to auger hopper
6.Centralised control panel and open frame/ easy clean design
Harnessing the power of electrostatics
How it works
Electrostatic technology has been widely used in some manufacturing
sectors for several decades, but its application within the food
industry is a relatively new phenomenon.
The technique works by applying a static charge to the
powder, oil or slurry as it is being sprayed onto the base
product, such as snacks, chewing gum or tablets. As the
flavourings and coatings become ‘negatively’ charged,
they adhere automatically to the ‘positive’ base product,
creating a true wraparound effect.
With several hundred units already installed on food processing
production lines around the world, its award winning technology
is ideal for use with a wide range of products, including snacks,
confectionery, cheese products, breakfast cereals, frozen foods and
dry pet food. It is also increasingly popular within the pharmaceutical
sector, where it is used in tablet coating.
BetaCoat system applications:
Cheese: Shredded and diced
Crisps, chips, extruded snacks, baked pasta shapes, rice cakes, pretzels, tortillas and other snacks
Breakfast cereals including porridge, oats, cornflakes, granolas and other mixed cereals
French Fries
• Nuts: Peanuts, cashew, macadamias
• Processed meats
• Biscuits, snacks, cereals
• Fresh meat, poultry and fish: including
nuggets, fish fingers, sausages and
• Frozen vegetables and rice products
• Dry pet-foods
For further information or a proposal on the BetaCoat system, contact your local agent