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Ramen noodles come in various shapes and lengths. They may be fat,
thin, or even ribbon-like, as well as straight or wrinkled.
Mamenorisan soybean wraps are a great alternative for people who dislike
the texture or taste of nori (seaweed paper). Mamenorisan is thin and flexible, which makes it easy to create rolls, wraps and garnishes. Because of
Mamenorisan’s absorbent nature, it naturally soaks up the moisture in food
and thus enhances the flavor of the overall dish. Mamenorisan is not limited only to Japanese food: it can be used in a wide variety of ethnic dishes.
<Plain Type>
Its plain flavor makes it extremely versatile
and can be used in a variety of menus.
#64094, #64093, #64092, #64202
This GOMA Mamenori-San has great sesami
flavor and THICKER than Regular Mamenori-san so it’s great for wrapping, frying, or
#64095, #64192, #64191 4/10/3.1oz(20pcs)
Botan Ebi
Very popular among sushi lovers, botan-ebi
are known for their sweet, delicate flavor, firm
texture. The Botan shrimp is about two to three
times the size of the male Alaskan pink shrimp
(Ama-ebi) which are also used for sushi.
Norwegian Mackerel
Mackerel is a pelagic fish (that is, it lives in open seas)
that can swim at great speeds, and in summer and
autumn it moves in huge shoals along the coast of
Norway and into the Skagerrak, the North Sea and
the southern reaches of the Norwegian Sea. Mackerel is sold as fresh and frozen fillets and as whole
fish. In the spring, mackerel have a low fat content
-- about 3% -- whereas in autumn mackerel may contain up to 30% fat, and hence large concentrations
of omega-3 fatty acids. Saba is also a good source of
vitamins D and B12. Vitamin B12 plays an important
role in maintaining nerve fibers.
For Tonkotsu Ramen (fatty white
broth), thin and
straight ramen
noodles are ideal.
#40090 50x5oz
For Miso or Shoyu
ramen, curly, slightly
thicker ramen noodles with a chewy
texture are preferred.
#40092 50x5oz
<Variety Type>
#70261 NORWAY SABA 22lbs
NO. 40
New Items!! Ramen Noodle & Soup
Highlights SOY 100%
Fish of December
25Knickerbocker Rd. Moonachie, NJ 07074-1613
Tel.:201-933-9555, 212-564 4094
To make a richly flavored
soup broth, just add
boiling water to the
Tonkotsu Ramen Soup
Authentic ready to use
Shoyu (soy sauce based)
ramen soup.
Recipe of the month NABEYAKI UDON
1. Prepare the broth by mixing water and Mizkan
Oigatsuo Tsuyu. (4:1 ratio)
2. in a iron or ceramic pot, place cooked Udon, chicken,
mushrooms, Negi and bring it to a boil.
3. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 minutes, or until
mushrooms are tender. Turn off heat. Break
egg on top and allow to cook 1 minute in
hot broth. Serve immediately.
•1 portion of Udon Noodle Concentrated (4 times)
•1/3 cups of Mizkan Tsuyu
•2 pieces of Shiitake
The ultimate all-rounder that can be
used as a dipping sauce for noodles, tem•1/3 pack of Shimeji
puras, and many other Japanese dishes
•1 piece of Chicken
such as oyako-don or gyu-don.
(cut to bite size)
#20261 6/64oz.
•1 Egg
Sake of December
Special Junmai
Junmai GInjo
This selection has the typically subtle, graceful aroma
of a Ginjo sake and finishes
with a full yet clean flavor. It
pairs well with a wide variety
of foods.
Shirakabegura Junmai
Ginjo sake has a mellow
but complex flavor and
fruity aroma. A great accompaniment to a wide
assortment of dishes.
#4860 720ml.
#4850 300ml.
#1972 720ml.
#1973 300ml.
Ginjo & daiginjo Series
So as not to overwhelm the palate at the beginning of a meal, delicate and lightbodied Daiginjo and Ginjo are the ideal starter sakes. To best accompany the subtle
flavors of the sake, simple and mildly flavored appetizers are most suitable. These
sakes also complement unseasoned or lightly seasoned foods such as Sashimi,
fresh, steamed seafood or vegetables, salad, light pasta dishes and mild cheese.
#5840 Dassai Nigori JG
#5530 Dassai 50 JDG
#6030 Dassai 39 JDG
#5520 Dassai 23 JDG
#8400 Kikusui JG
#7670 Tamanohikari JDG
#7320 SCB JG
#7080 Kanchiku JDG .
#8750 Kamotsuru Gold DG .
#6690 Koten Sharaku JDG.
#5360 Hakkaisan Ginjo .
#5140 Taisetsu JG.
#1980 Kikusui ORGANIC JG (USDA certified sake)