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Forensic Anthropology
How many bones are in the human body?
What role do anthropologists play in solving crimes?
What does a physical anthropologist investigate?
What four things do we want to know about a skeleton?
What bones are more useful for developing a profile of a person? Explain how they
are used.
Forensic Anthropologists
Analyze remains to determine identity of a victim
o Also can determine his/her life ____________________________, ______________________
of death, or other ________________________ about crime
Main characteristics
o Sex
Examining the ____________________, _______________________,
____________________________, and ________________________.
o Age and Stature (height/build)
Analyzing development of ________________________, bone growth, cranial
____________________________ lines, and _________________________ of specific
bones ex: femur
o Race
Analyzing skull for ____________________________________ that are common
among people of different races
Which skull would belong to a female?
Which pelvis would belong to a female?
Disappearance of suture marks
What else can we learn from bones?
________________________ samples can be collected from bone, teeth, and hair to provide
clues to a person’s ____________________________
Scientists may also be able to gain clues as to a person’s past, recent
____________________________, or the cause of death based on bone _________________________
and other signs of _________________________
Reading the Remains
What information do they provide for law enforcement agencies?
How many skeletons do they have in their collection?
What do they learn about a skeleton from each tool?
o CT scan –
o X-Ray –
o Mass spectrometer –
o Scanning electron microscope –
o DNA Analysis –