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1540 Cobbler Dr. Lutz, FL 33559
[email protected]
University of Alabama - College of Nursing. Doctorate of Nursing Practice.
Jewish Hospital College of Nursing and Allied Health, St. Louis, MO, Post
Master’s Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Master’s Degree in Nursing.
Specialty track in Medical-Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist.
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANCC)
Certified Cardio Vascular Nurse
Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse (ANCC)
Certified Diabetic Foot Specialist
Certified Insulin Pump Trainer (Medtronic)
Certified Jobst Stocking Fitter
Palliative Care Resource Nurse Trainer (ELNEC)
James A Haley Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, Tampa, FL
VISN 8 Simulation Champion
(08/2014 – present)
Responsible for communicating programs, needs and concerns to simulation staff within
VISN 8. Work closely with the national VHA SimLearn Program to facilitate training
needs and opportunities across the VISN.
Program Director of Simulations
(04/2009 – present)
Responsible for coordinating inter-professional simulation trainings among hospital
departments, focusing on competency and skills validation RCA items, unit activations,
new procedures and policies. Write and create simulation scenarios, using multi-faceted
technologies (i.e. high fidelity simulations to provide most realistic simulations). Train
staff in simulation instructions. Maintain hospital’s simulation database. Ensure
ACLS/BLS skills validation for medical staff. Provide over 2,000 inter-professional staff
in simulation trainings during the 2014 fiscal year. Provide input for hospital strategic
planning for simulation.
VA Nursing Academy Faculty/Clinical Nurse Educator
(04/2009 – 04/2014)
VA & University of South Florida College of Nursing Partnership. Responsible for
assessment, planning, coordinating provisioning and evaluating clinical educational
programs which were integrated with the University of South Florida (USF) College of
Nursing (CON) Clinical Collaborative Model into clinical training preparation for
undergraduate nursing students to improve the care of veterans. Instructor for Clinical
Practice, Education, Leadership, Evidence Based Practice, and Administration. Provide
hospital staff ACLS/BLS, Palliative Care, Spinal Cord Injury, Community Living Center
and Acute Care Various training needs. Co-coordinated VALOR and RN Residency
Program Schedules and curriculums, during various time periods with other program
coordinators. Assisted an author to write one of the fourteen chapters for magnet redesignation.
Nurse Manager - Chest Pain Observation Unit
(09/2003 – 04/2009)
Opened unit and managed staff and unit operations, dealing in Cardiac Catheterizations,
Myocardial Infarction, Cardioversion, and other various cardiac and medical
surgical patients. Accountable for knowing contracting and fiscal year issues for opening
new unit. Created and enforced hospital policies and procedures. Expanded unit from 6
beds to 31 beds during this time frame. Responsible for hospital achieving Chest Pain
Center Certification. For over 6 months was responsible for managing two busy Hospital
telemetry units. Engaged staff in professional development to obtain National
Certification, enabled the participate in Shared Governance, and TCAB, and hospital
nursing processes to motivate staff to exert effort necessary to attain personal and
organizational goals.
St. Louis Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, St. Louis, MO
Relief Nursing Supervisor
(09/2000 - 08/2003)
Responsible for ensuring cost-efficient assignment of employees. Maintained
consistency of operations staff, solved procedure and policy and ethical concerns.
Nurse Instructor
(09/2000 - 08/2003)
Train new and current staff in nursing and hospital procedures, policies and skills. Serve
as a resource in diabetic management, wound care and ostomy care for staff.
Implemented the skin care nurse resource team to ensure a decrease in pressure ulcer
incidence, Poster Brief learning opportunities and other creative approaches to staff
Nurse Practitioner for the Diabetic Foot Clinic
(01/1995 - 9/2000)
Responsible for patient care specializing in diabetic foot care, amputation prevention,
better diabetes control and education; saw an average of 3,500 patients annually.
Staff Nurse, MICU/CCU
(06/1990 - 01/1995)
Responsible for intensive care patients requiring swan catheters, ventilators, balloon
pumps, multiple medications and intravenous lines.
Staff Nurse, Medical-Surgical Unit
Janet S. Sprehe
(02/1988 - 06/1990)
Responsible for 30 patients, mentoring new staff as needed and was the charge nurse on
day and night shifts.
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
(04/2000 – 8/ 2003)
Nurse Consultant
Educated staff and patients on diabetes and wound care.
Supplemental Health Care
(06/2001 - 08/2003)
Agency Staff Nurse
Providing nursing care in critical care and medical-surgical hospital settings.
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
(01/2001 - 06/2001)
Nursing Instructor
Accountable for clinical rotation of 16 undergraduate nursing students.
Forest Park Community College, St. Louis, MO
(01/1994 - 06/1996)
Nursing Instructor
Responsible for 12 nursing students in a medical/surgical hospital setting.
Olsten Kimberly Quality Care
(02/1992 - 04/1995)
Home Health Nurse
Responsible for nursing care and patient instruction to home based patients.
Barnes Hospital, St. Louis MO
Diabetes Educator
Educated inpatient and outpatients on diabetes management.
(02/1992 - 04/1994)
Lutheran Medical Center, St. Louis, MO
(01/1991 - 04/1993)
Nursing Instructor
Performed clinical instruction to nursing students in a medical, surgical and nursing home
VA Secretary’s Award nominee 2013; James A. Haley Outstanding Rating Award (2004, 2006,
2007.); James A. Haley VA Certificate of Appreciation (2006); American Diabetes Association
Community Outreach Award (2000); Chairman of the St. Clair County Walk-A-Thon 1998
(national event) and of the Bike-A-Thon (local event); VA Hands and Heart Award (1996);
Jefferson College Health Services Advisory Committee; St. Louis Nurses in Advanced Practice;
St. Louis Association of Diabetes Educators; Peripheral Neuropathy Association; American
Association of Advanced Wound Care; Belleville Diabetes Support Group, Coordinator and
Founder; Southern Illinois University Alumni Board of Governors; Past President of the
Education Committee (subcommittee of American Diabetes Association); American Diabetes
Association Board of Directors, St. Louis and Madison County Chapters.
Janet S. Sprehe
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Step Up To Health; Managing the Diabetic Foot; St. Louis, MO; VISN 15 VAMC
program coordinator and speaker. (08/1997)
Nurse Leader Conference,
Janet S. Sprehe
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Janet S. Sprehe