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Syllabus for Chem 481: Physical Chemistry I (Spring 2015) Instructor: Prof. Jim Cahoon Email: [email protected] Please include “Chem481” as the first words in the subject line Please do not email questions that require detailed explanations. Come to the office hours. Office Hours: Caudill 019, Friday 11:00 am – 12:30 pm, or by appointment. Prerequisites: Chem 102 or 102H; Phys 116 and 117, and pre‐ or co‐requisite Math 383. It is an honor code violation to be enrolled in a course if you lack the proper pre‐ and co‐requisites. Required Text: “Physical Chemistry” by Peter Atkins and Julio de Paula, 9th Edition Recommended Text: Student’s Solution Manual for the textbook Topics to be Covered: Properties of Gases (Chapter 1) The First Law of Thermodynamics (Chapter 2) The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Chapter 3) Phase changes (Chapter 4) Simple Mixtures (Chapter 5) Chemical Equilibrium (Chapter 6) Chemical Reactions (Time permitting—excerpts from Chapters 20, 21, & 22) Classroom Etiquette: Once the lecture begins, cell phones need to be put on vibration or silent mode and conversations should be refrained (even to discuss course topics) so other students are not distracted. Homework, Exams, and Grading: Homework: Homework problems will be given from the textbook to assist comprehension but will not be graded. Even though the answers are given at the end of the textbook, the detailed procedures and explanations are given only in the solution manual. I strongly urge you to spend at least 30 minutes on a problem before looking at the solution manual. Mid‐Term Exams (60%): There will be three mid‐term exams. The lowest mid‐term exam grade will be dropped, and the average of the remaining two grades will determine 60% of your final course grade. Final Exam (40%): The final exam covers all material in the course and determines 40% of your final course grade. Make‐Up Exam Policy: No makeup tests will be allowed unless you have received permission in advance. The permission will be granted only for an officially excusable absence on the day of the exam. Re‐Grade Policy: If you wish to have your exam re‐graded, download and print the re‐grade form from Sakai website. Describe the issue, staple it to your exam, and return it to the instructor by the date given when the exam is returned.