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The War of 1812
Angered by Britain’s Interference
in the Nation’s Affairs, the United
States went to War!
Key Terms and Key People
Key Terms
Battle of Lake Erie
Key People
Oliver Hazard Perry
Treaty of Fort Jackson
Battle of New Orleans
Hartford Convention
Treaty of Ghent
Andrew Jackson
Francis Scott Key
What we seem to have here is….A
failure to Communicate
While Britain tried to avoid war in the US, slow mail
leads to the US declaring war on Great Britain
The war had 2 phases, one with little British Attention
and the other when Britain joined the war
The US military had to begin strengthening their
troops and numbers but they had only 16 warships
compared to Britain's 100
Despite the size of our Navy, they were well skilled and
were able to defeat the British in several 1 on 1 duals
Perry Close to Home
The United States made plans to Invade Canada
from Detroit, Niagara Falls, and the Hudson River
These Battles ended in Failure as Fort Detroit was
captured and other state militias refused to cross
the Canadian Border
The New Goal of the War of 1812 was to take
control of Lake Erie and its Islands
Blame Canada
Oliver Hazard Perry was able to build an ENTIRE Naval Fleet for
the United States in Lake Erie
Oliver Hazard Perry would Defeat the British in Lake Erie and the
United States would control the Main waterway into Canada
Controlling Lake Erie would allow William Henry Harrison to
invade Canada and Defeat the British at the Battle of Thames
After the Battle, British power in the Northwest was ended and the
Death of Tecumseh weakened Native Americans in the Region
We’re Coming to America…TO FIGHT!!
In the South, the Creek Tribe took up Arms and
attacked Fort Mims killing 250 people
Andrew Jackson would call up a Militia of 2000
troops and defeat the Creeks at the Battle of
Horseshoe Bend
The Treaty of Fort Jackson forced the creek to
give up millions of acres of land
A star Spangled Battle
After Defeating France, Great Britain would send MORE
troops to the East
The British Forces would attack Washington DC forcing
Madison to leave the White House as it was Burnt Down
The British Would attack Fort McHenry in a 25 hour battle
that would inspire our national anthem
The War would then turn to the South for its final Battles
Mardi Gras
After Attacking Washington DC, Great Britain turned to the south to
control the Mississippi River
Andrew Jackson would lead a force, including Regular Troops, Free
African Americans, Native Americans, State Militias and Pirates, to
New Orleans to defend the city
The Battle began on January 8th, 1815 and saw Jackson’s 4500 soldiers
kill and wound 2000 of Britain's 5300 Troops
The Battle of New Orleans was the last major conflict of the war of
1812 and made Jackson a War Hero
Snail Mail
The war Would End on December 24th, 1814 BEFORE
the battle of New Orleans and The Hartford Convention
Under the Treaty of Ghent the United States would
American Nationalism was increased through Patriotism
It Weakened Native American resistance
It increased the US Manufacturing Industries
America Also Proved it could defeat the Top World
Power and would most likely Begin to Prosper
This Has
Been Another
Test Time…Project Time!!!!