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SESSION 8 - Upper Limb Joints
1. Which ligament attaches the arm to the trunk?
2. Which ligament attaches the arm to the opposite arm?
3. How would you classify the movement at the sternoclavicular, shoulder,
inferior radio-ulnar and wrist joints?
4. Is teres major one of the rotator cuff muscles? What is its action?
5. Why cannot deltoid initiate abduction of the shoulder?
6. Are the bones of the shoulder joint lined with hyaline or firbrocartilage?
7. Apart from the rotator cuff muscles what other factors give the shoulder
8. How may the long thoracic nerve be damaged clinically? What would patients
(particularly female) complain about most bitterly?
9. Where is the annular ligament attached? Why does the head of the radius in
children sometimes slip out of it?
10. What is the nerve supply of trapezius? What other muscle does the same nerve
11. What lies between the lunate and the lower ulna?
12. Complete the sentences:
Most wrist extension occurs at the __________ joint
Most wrist flexion occurs at the ___________ joint
13. Abduction at the wrist has greater or lesser movement than adduction?
14. Name two facts about the scaphoid that are clinically important.
15. What is the relationship of the tendon of long head of biceps to the synovium
of the shoulder joint?
16. In a fractured neck of humerus, how could you check if the axillary nerve has
been damaged?
17. What two structures lying anterior to the elbow joint could be damaged in a
fracture of the lower humerus? What is the long term problem if these
structures are not repaired?
18. According to Hilton's Law, which nerves should supply the wrist joint?