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High Voltage Workshop
SAE AE-7 / AE-8 Meeting
1pm to 5pm, 25th April
Systems operating at voltages of up to 500V AC and 1000V DC are now common within the aerospace environment.
The development of these systems has generated significant knowledge about the challenges of designing, testing
and operating systems in the aerospace environment. With future R&D looking at hybrid-electric systems it is likely
that voltages will need to be significantly increased in the future.
This workshop will review the methods available to specify and test components such as cables, connectors, circuit
boards, motors and power electronics used in higher voltage more electric aircraft. The intention is to investigate the
opportunities to develop an SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice.
Draft Agenda
1300-1325: HV In Aerospace Systems – Perspectives from AE7 – Dan Schweickart, Air Force Research Laboratories
1325-1350: HV In Aerospace Systems – Perspectives from AE8 – George Slenski, Slenski Consulting
1350-1420: Creepage Issues In HV Systems – Christopher Severns, Boeing
1420-1450: Inverter fed systems – Howard Sedding, Qualitrol Corporation
1450-1520: Break
1520-1550: Partial Discharge In Machines & Power Electronic Converters – Ian Cotton, The University of Manchester
1550-1620: Partial Discharge Testing In Aerospace Environments – Dennis Grosjean, ISSI and Richard Gardner, The
University of Manchester
1620-1640: Discussion - Identification of key gaps within SAE ARP / AS library
1640-1700: Wrap-up and next steps