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WELCARE™ Intravenous Catheter
I.V. Catheter, with or without wings, with or without injection port and with hydrophobic filter
This safe, blood leakage proof IV Catheter offers a smooth catheterization experience. It features an ultra sharp triple-facetted
bevel needle and an atraumatic catheter tip design. Designed for various clinical indications and therapies. Catheter
made of Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) material.
FEB, Polypropylene, polyethylene, stainless steel, silicon rubber, ploytetraflouroethylene.
Blood transfusion or infusion of I.V. solution suitable for administration via peripheral veins. Intermittent intravenous drug
administration. Intermittent blood sampling.
20G x 1¼”, 22G x 1”, 24G x ¾”
Non-winged: 20G x 1¼”, 22G x 1”, 24G x ¾”
This catheter should not be used in:
• patients with known hypersensitivity to any of the materials employed;
• administration of highly viscous fluids;
• large volume of blood transfusion.
Depending on how long the catheter is left in site, on the type and amount of infusion or injections administered, and on individual predisposition,
thrombophlebitis may occur in the accessed vein.
In arterial puncture, the artery may occlude in rare cases due to thrombotic or embolic complications, resulting in ischaemia.
Use only if packaging is intact and the product has not passed its expiration date. After withdrawal, do not reinsert the steel needle into the catheter,
as the latter may be cut off, leading to catheter embolism.
This product should only be used by a qualified and trained medical personnel.
Use the product immediately after opening the individual blister packing.
This product is for single use only and shall not be reused or resteriled.
Verify adequate blood circulation in the vein before venipuncture is carried out.
Until needed, the product should be stored in its original packaging. Store at room temperature. Avoid freezing and excessive heat. Keep away from
direct sunlight exposure.