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1. How do we know evolution happens?
Discussion Questions
 Gingerich discusses specifically only the whale fossils found in Egypt's "valley of the whales," but he points out that
this now desert area was once a sea. Discuss the other kinds of fossils, and the types of rocks that must have been
present for him to make this conclusion.
 Examine the cladogram of whales and their ancestors presented in this video. Note that this diagram does NOT
show modern whales evolving from any specific fossil form, but form the common ancestors of known fossil species
and modern animals. Discuss the important difference between this view of evolutionary history, and the old view -which often attempted to identify specific fossils as THE ancestors of a living form.
 Discuss the similarities and differences between whale flippers and flukes and fish fins, using the scientific terms
"homologous structures" and "analogous structures" in the discussion.
2. Evolution evidence video (need to download and save to H drive of tetrapods found somewhere?
Discussion Questions
 Discuss the ways in which our current understanding of early tetrapod evolution differs from the traditional view,
and explain why this is important.
 Discuss the combination of insight, luck, and persistence that led Dr. Clack to her unexpected discovery.
 What specific combination of characteristics of Acanthostega puzzled Dr. Clack and led to her radical re-thinking of
the relationship between the first tetrapod limbs and life on land.
3. Thursday: show this video re possibility of life elsewhere Need to download and save to h drive