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Frequently Asked Questions about
Shakespeare & Caesar:
A WebQuest and MLA Review (click on Discover Shakespeare) to other sources on the right)
Republic to Empire: The History of Ancient Rome
Directions: Refer to your instruction sheet in order to properly complete this webquest. The first question and
answer has been done for you, including the citation.
Shakespeare Review
1. When and where was Shakespeare born?
Shakespeare’s exact birthday is unknown, but records of his baptism were found in the parish church of
Stratford-upon Avon that were dated April 26, 1564. Since most babies were baptized about two – three days
after birth, it is assumed that Shakespeare’s birthday is around April 23, 1564 (“Shakespeare, William”).
2. Who did Shakespeare marry? Did they have children?
According to….
3. What was the name of the acting company for whom Shakespeare worked? Explain their name
4. When did Shakespeare die and what was engraved on his tombstone?
5. Where was the Globe Theatre located and when was it built?
6. How many people could the Globe Theatre seat during Shakespeare’s time?
7. What happened to the Globe Theatre in 1613? How did this happen?
8. What were the different ticket costs to go to a play in Shakespeare’s time? (FAQ on Folger site)
Julius Caesar - the man
9. When and where was Julius Caesar born?
10. What segment of Roman society was he born to?
11. How did he use his early life in his political career?
12. Describe his family’s history.
13. What type of education did he most likely receive?
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14. What was his alleged connection to Aeneas?
15. Why would he consider this lineage advantageous?
16. It is believed Caesar suffered from what disease?
17. Who was Gaius Marius?
18. What impact did Marius have on Julius Caesar’s life?
19. Do you think Caesar’s reaction to the statue of Alexander the Great revealed anything about his
personality and ambition? Explain your answer.
Julius Caesar - the politician
20. How did Sulla’s comment on Caesar prove to be prophetic? ("Take him then, my masters, since you
must have it so; but know this, that he whose life you so much desire will one day be the overthrow of
the part of nobles, whose cause you have sustained with me; for in this one Caesar, you will find many
a Marius." (
21. How did Caesar use his lineage, especially the link to Aeneas, to his advantage?
22. How did the corona civica prove to be advantageous to Caesar in his political career?
23. Which brief career of Julius Caesar’s helped to hone valuable abilities he later used in Roman
politics? What were these skills?
24. How did Caesar’s friendship and alliance with Crassus help his political ambitions?
25. What were the political advantages of Caesar’s second marriage?
Julius Caesar - the soldier
26. What award did Caesar receive for his actions at Miletus?
27. What law did Caesar break when he raised a small army to help defend Roman Asia?
28. In your opinion, what does this act tell you about his character? Was he selflessly serving Rome, or
did he have an eye to his own future?
29. How did the outcome of the Roman civil war, Pompey’s forces versus Caesar’s, change the history of
the Roman Republic?
30. Explain how the conspirators justified Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC.
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