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Ms. Bruno
Mollusks Review
Marine Biology
Mollusks Quiz Review
For questions 1-12, indicate if the statement applies to bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods, two out of the three, or
all three classes. Write the letter of the corresponding class in the space provided.
Bivalves = B
Gastropods = G
Cephalopods = C
1. Has a well-developed brain ____________________
2. Covered by a mantle __________________________
3. Only class that does not have a shell _________________
4. Feeds primarily through filter feeding _________________
5. Name means “stomach-footed” _____________________
6. Only class that does NOT have a radula ___________________
7. Name means “head-footed” ___________________________
8. Examples include clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops _____________________
9. Largest class of mollusks ________________________
10. Examples include snails, sea slugs, and nudibranchs ________________
11. Examples include the squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus __________________
12. The mantle secretes a shell in these mollusks _________________
Mollusks (General):
13. What is the soft fleshy body that contains the internal organs of a mollusk?
14. What types of invertebrates are NOT considered mollusks?
15. What does the word mollusk literally mean?
16. What bivalves are sessile (non-moving)? What bivalves can move?
17. Describe the function of the siphon of a clam.
18. Describe the function of the adductor muscles in a clam.
19. How do mussels attach to their substrate?
20. What is the umbo on a bivalve?
21. How does a clam detect light?
22. Some clams have eyes, which ones are they?
Ms. Bruno
Mollusks Review
23. What is the function of the operculum in a gastropod?
24. What is a nudibranch?
25. What cnidarian does a nudibranch typically consume?
26. How many arms does a squid have? How many tentacles?
27. How does a squid move?
28. What is the hectocotyl of a cephalopod?
29. The only Cephalopod with an external shell is the…
30. What cephalopod has an internal bone?
Label the following diagrams of the clam and the snail:
Marine Biology