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MOLLUSKS-Pages 40-45.
1. What is a mollusk?
2. What four basic body structures do all mollusks have (Use Figure 1)?
3. Make a Key and color the four body structures on each of the mollusks below.
Hard exoskeleton that supports and protects the body
Thin layer of tissue; covers body organs, secretes shell
or protects body
In the mantle cavity; exchange carbon dioxide and
On underside of body and used for movement
4. What are two ways that mollusks are similar to segmented worms?
5. What is a difference between mollusks and segmented worms?
6. What is an open circulatory system?
7. What are gills? Explain how mollusks use them to obtain oxygen.
8. What are the three major groups of mollusks?
9. What are gastropods? List at least 2 examples.
10. Define the following terms:
a. Herbivores:
b. Carnivores:
c. Radula:
11. How do herbivores AND carnivores use the radula to obtain food?
12. How do gastropods move?
13. What are bivalves? List at least 2 examples.
14. How do bivalves obtain food?
a. What is an omnivore?
15. Describe how bivalves move. What structure do they mainly use for movement?
16. What is a cephalopod? List at least 2 examples.
17. What type of circulatory system do cephalopods have?
18. How do cephalopods obtain food?
19. What is unique about a cephalopod’s nervous system?
20. What is jet propulsion? How do cephalopods use jet propulsion to move?
ECHINODERMS- Pages 70-73.
21. What is an echinoderm?
22. What is an endoskeleton?
23. What type of symmetry do adult echinoderms have?
24. Define the following terms:
a. Water Vascular System:
b. Tube Feet:
25. How do echinoderms use their water vascular system and tube feet to move?
26. How do echinoderms reproduce sexually?
27. Echinoderm mean “spiny skinned.” Why is this a good name for this phylum?
28. What are the four major groups of echinoderms?
29. Complete the chart below for the four major groups of echinoderms.
Echinoderm Group
Sea Stars
Brittle Stars Sea Urchins Sea Cucumbers
DRAWING (Draw the
lines of symmetry on
each figure)
(Observe tentacles)
Body StructureDescribe what each
group looks like.
Method of FeedingHow does each group
obtain food?
Movement- How does
each group move?
30. Describe in detail the five steps that sea stars complete to obtain food. (See
“How a Sea Star gets its Clam Article” on next page)