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By: Cole Hovis and Takara Strouse
What is it?
stimulant drug
extremely addictive
made from leaves of the coca plant (South America)
can be found in powder or crystal (freebase or crack) form
Kills 3 times as many people as any other type of illicit
Slang Names
Happy Powder
Heaven Dust
Nose Candy
How is it used?
● snorted or injected (powder is dissolved in water)
● smoked
● generally snorted even though smoking it brings a
quicker high
Short term:
user feels excited, energized, and/or alert
dilated pupils
increased heart rate
high body temperature
increased blood pressure
tightened blood vessels
Long term:
serious depression
hypertension (leads to stroke, heart attack, or even death)
damage to reproductive system
damaged blood vessels to heart and brain
damage to liver, kidney, and lungs
destroyed nose tissues
tooth decay
Medical Use
Cocaine Hydrochloride
used to numb the lining of the nose, mouth, or throat
before certain procedures
occasionally used to stop nosebleeds
used for anesthesia
More effective and safe drugs
have been developed, that discontinued
the use of cocaine in the medical field.
don't do crack!
● 2nd most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S.
● about 2.1 million Americans are regular users of
● effects central nervous system
● first used by the Inca civilization; they believed the coca
plant was a gift from the gods
● It takes about 500 kilograms of coca leaf to produce one
kilogram of cocaine
Did you know?
more than 400,000 babies are born every year addicted to
cocaine due to their parents using the drug
Delusional Parasitosis (the feeling that bugs are crawling
under your skin) can result from daily use
Crack is used because of the incredibly fast “high” it brings
(users usually feel this in under 10 seconds)
Injection of cocaine created an instantaneous high
Crack is Whack
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