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2016‐2017 Leadership Year Terms
One‐Year Term
Affiliated & Related Corporations
Corporate Tax
Employee Benefits
Partnerships & LLCs
Pro Bono & Tax Clinics
Real Estate
Transfer Pricing
Young Lawyers Forum
Two‐Year Term Ending in 2016
Administrative Practice
Appointments to the Tax Court
Banking & Savings Institutions
Bankruptcy & Workouts
Civil & Criminal Tax Penalties
Closely Held Businesses
Court Procedure & Practice
Exempt Organizations
Fiduciary Income Tax
Foreign Activities of U.S. Taxpayers
Individual & Family Taxation
Investment Management
Standards of Tax Practice
State and Local Taxes
Tax Exempt Financing
Tax Policy & Simplification
Tax Compliance
Teaching Taxation
Two‐Year Term Ending in 2017
Capital Recovery & Leasing
Employment Taxes
Energy & Environmental Taxes
Estate & Gift Taxes
Financial Transactions
Foreign Lawyers Forum
Indian & Tribal Tax
Insurance Companies
S Corporations
Sales, Exchanges & Basis
Tax Accounting
Tax Practice Management
U.S. Activities of Foreigners & Tax Treaties