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AstraZeneca harnessed a select group of Scientists within
Neuroscience division headquartered in Boston, Mass. Once
Vendor Selection –
Clinical Data
the parent company to form a small yet effective
called AstraZeneca Neuroscience, now Neuroscience iMed
(short for innovative Medicines), the division currently
manages an entire portfolio of Central Nervous System and
pain programs from target identification through Phase II
proof of concept studies. Because of the complex
Six month
challenges of developing successful neurological drugs, the
parent company wanted a focused division to increase the
probability of successful drug launches while minimizing investment dollars. Their goal
was to outsource nearly every support activity so the team could dedicate their efforts
to research and analysis to make informed decisions about drug discovery and
Utilizing our vendor selection methodology, Cogitas Consulting was hired to lead the
effort to select a clinical trial management system (CTMS). Initially, we assembled an
evaluation team that had a clear understanding of the business requirements. We
interviewed the stakeholders and users, gathered technical information including
standards and descriptions of current technical environments to help formulate a
Request for Proposal (RFP) document.
Vendor Selection – AstraZeneca| Cogitas Consulting
After the evaluation team published the requirements document, we compiled a list of
qualified vendors. Neuroscience wanted a vendor with extensive experience in the
pharmaceutical industry and that had a clear understanding of regulatory environments.
Offering Software as a Service (SaaS) solution was an additional requirement. A short
list was created and the RFP disseminated.
An evaluation matrix was created after reviewing the responses. Three vendors were
asked back to perform demonstrations using use cases decided on by the team.
MaxisIT was selected for their end-to-end clinical research and development technology
platform, which includes data warehousing as well as analytics, specifically for
Pharmaceutical and Life Science clients.
Cogitas managed the client references verification process as well as the contract
development to help complete the engagement. We were requested to remain in the
lead position to manage the implementation portion of the project, which went
smoothly with our oversight.
The engagement implemented technologies and tools needed to turn data into
information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into plans that drive profitable
business action. Today, Neuroscience iMed has partnered with over fifteen academia,
industry and foundation firms that share information to advance the innovative
programs that make up AstraZeneca’s Neuroscience pipeline for medication addressing
Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, schizophrenia, drug addiction, and Amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis (ALS).
Vendor Selection – AstraZeneca| Cogitas Consulting