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77 Park Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2JU
Tel: 01983 613092 Mobile: 07584654416 Email:[email protected]
Amanda Haslam
Theatrical Costumier
Sept 2009 – present
Cutter (part-time,) Forget-me-not Designs
Forget-me-not Designs is an Isle of Wight based bridal gown design house which sells gowns, both
wholesale and retail, mainly across the U.K.
My work here involves cutting and adapting dresses from stock designs to individual brides’
measurements and design changes. The emphasis here is very much on producing beautiful dresses
in the most time and cost efficient way. I experienced the opposite end of the spectrum whilst
working at Shakespeare’s New Globe Theatre in 2003 where I was initially schooled in authentic 16th
century techniques before making costumes entirely by hand!
Feb 1998 – present
Freelance Theatrical Costumier
Costumes for:
“Wicked” (London, Stuttgart and Holland productions) from 2006 through to 2012
“The Woman in White” (Broadway and West End) 2004 and 2005
“Ragtime”(West End) 2003
Shakespeare’s New Globe Theatre 2003 season
Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke Autumn season 2003
Royal Shakespeare Theatre productions 1998 – 2000
April 1987 - Feb1998
Ladies’ Cutter
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
I was initially employed to cut ladies’ costumes for the Swan theatre, eventually experiencing cutting
for all three theatres in Stratford-upon -Avon. The position required skills in both cutting and
making, generally cutting for up to three assistants. Detailed below are just a few of the more
spectacular and memorable shows that I was heavily involved with from the scores I worked on.
1997 “Cyrano de Bergerac” - designer Rob Jones, costume supervisor Jenny Alder.
1996”Hamlet” - designer Mark Thompson, costume supervisor Carrie Bayliss.
1996 “Henry VIII” - designer Rob Jones, costume supervisor Margie Bailey.
1995 “Richard III” – designer Tobias Hohiesel, costume supervisor Jenny Alder
I left the RST in 1998 shortly before my son was born
May 1986 –April 1987
Wardrobe Deputy/Cutter
Northcott Theatre, Exeter
Costume cutting, making and overseeing the work of two assistants.
Costume supervising for the theatre’s smaller productions.
Mandy Haslam 2012
June 1984 – May 1986
Wardrobe Assistant
Mercury Theatre, Colchester
Becoming Deputy Wardrobe Supervisor
As an assistant I was involved with costume making alternating with costume maintenance
and dressing work.
As Deputy, I was involved with cutting and making costumes and supervising studio and
modern dress main house productions.
Sept 1983 – July1984
Wardrobe Assistant
Theatre Royal, Harrogate
Duties included costume maintenance, dressing, some making and costume supervising on
small studio productions.
1980 – 1983 Mabel Fletcher Technical College, Liverpool
I was awarded diplomas in “Theatre Wardrobe and Design” from both the college and The Society of
Industrial Artists and Designers.
Jackie Burston (former Head Ladies Cutter, Royal Shakespeare Theatre)
[email protected]
Telephone, home: 01568 797850
Mobile: 07799290722
Marjorie Bailey (costume supervisor/designer, currently Costume Supervisor for Wicked London
Productions Ltd)
[email protected]
Telephone, work: 01789299749
Mobile: 07889316209
Mandy Haslam 2012