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Lithium Monitoring Protocol
To provide safe & effective treatment with lithium to those patients who require it.
1. Patients receiving lithium to have their names on a register. With computerisation
of prescriptions this should be easily attainable.
2. Recording of the lithium concentration at least once in the previous 4 months.
This maybe compromised by non-attendance or patients being in hospital for
considerable periods.
3. Maintenance of the concentration within therapeutic range of 0.4-1.0 mmol/litre.
Inevitability, from time to time will stray outside the given limits, either because
of poor compliance or other changes in the way the drug is metabolised or
4. Yearly check of thyroid & renal function tests.
A computerised register is constructed containing a list of those currently on lithium
therapy. The blood test results for that patient are entered onto the computer by the
Doctor or Nurse..