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Patient Access is now available at this Practice
Patient Access is now becoming available in all Camden GP Practices.
Patients can use this to book appointments and order repeat
prescriptions online and can also view a summary of their medical
You will need login details to use Patient Access and we may ask you to
provide identification details first.
Listed below are some of the questions you may want answered to help
you decide if you want to view your record.
Q. What will I be able to see when I view my medical record?
You will see the following: Medications, Allergies and any reactions to
medicines, Immunisations and Vaccinations.
You can also request to see your test results and any past or current
problems on our clinical system. A request to view this information is
passed to your Doctor for sign off, however, it is very rarely denied.
Q. Can I alter my medical record?
No. This is a ‘read only’ facility. If you think that there is something that
needs to be changed, you will need to contact your GP Practice.
Q. What are the benefits for me?
 You can see and print your list of medicines, immunisations and
 You will be able to view your record at home, overseas or whenever
you want access and can get an internet connection.
 You can print a copy to keep with you in case of emergencies or to
take to a hospital appointment for example.
 It is secure - only you have access (apart from your GP as now).
 You can share it with your carer
Q Are there any risks for me?
 Some medical terms may be difficult to understand as the notes are
made by doctors and nurses for each other. You can ask about these
next time you visit
 If you feel you may be persuaded into showing your record to people
who you don’t want to see it, then it is probably best just to stick with
online appointments and repeat prescriptions for now.
Q What about my children’s medical records?
 You can have access to your children’s records up to the age of 12,
after that it will be removed. However, there may be young people of
12 and above that can manage their healthcare and prefer their
records to be viewed by just them. Your GP will make a judgement as
to which young people are competent to manage their health care.
Extended access to your records to see test results and past or
current problems is unlikely to be granted to under 16s.
Q. Can I turn off Patient Access?
 Yes. It can be turned off in part or altogether, just let your GP Practice
Q. What about security?
 As with online banking you control viewing by using secure login
details and you will be responsible for keeping these safe and not
revealing them to anyone.
 Only the GP Practice computer system holds the data permanently.
The information you will see is only a temporary record on your Web
 Logging off or a power failure will clear all the Patient Access
information on your computer.
Q How can I get Patient Access?
Ask at your GP Practice next time you are there and they will explain
how you can get this.
 Please don’t ring the Practice about this as you may prevent sick
people getting through and login details are only provided face to