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President’s Advisory Team
April 15, 2010
President’s Advisory Team Members in attendance:
Diane Allen, Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
Martha Zimmerman for Alice Bahr, Dean, Libraries and Instructional Resources
Kurt Ludwick for J. Craig Clarke, President, Faculty Senate
Ed Cowell, Dean of Students
Betty Crockett, Vice President, Administration and Finance
Richard Culver, Director, Media Relations
Jason Curtin, Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Jane Dané, Dean, Enrollment Management
Janet Dudley-Eshbach, President
Jackie Eberts, President, Staff Senate
Pat Gotham, President, SGA
Amy Hasson, Chief of Staff to the President
Richard Hoffman, Interim Dean, Perdue School of Business
Scott Jensen, Assistant to the President for Government and Community Relations
Paul Land, Director, Auxiliary Services
Ed Lashley, Chief, Salisbury University Police
Linda Morales, Interim Chief Diversity Officer
Ellen Neufeldt, Vice President of Student Affairs
Robert Joyner for Karen Olmstead, Dean, Henson School of Science and Technology
Dennis Pataniczek, Dean, Seidel School of Education and Professional Studies
Maarten Pereboom, Dean, Fulton School of Liberal Arts
Marvin Pyles, Director, Human Resources
Brian Stiegler, Director, International Education
Robert Tardiff, Associate Provost
Rosemary Thomas, Vice President, University Advancement
Jerry Waldron, Chief Information Officer
Welcome and Opening Remarks – Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach, President
President Dudley-Eshbach welcomed the members of this committee and introduced
those individuals who were substituting for regular members.
The President thanked the SGA for their leadership in proposing a smoke-free campus
policy and all of the governance groups for taking up the issue. She is weighing the
information and recommendations. An announcement will be made later in the spring.
This spring Salisbury University will be hosting several Capital Athletic Conferences
(CAC). Everyone is encouraged to attend the games.
On Friday, May 21 three Commencement ceremonies will be held. The 6:00 p.m.
ceremony will be for December 2009 graduates. Faculty are encouraged to attend at
least two ceremonies.
PAT Meeting
April 15, 2010
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Creation of ELI, Study/service/enrollment Abroad – Brian Stiegler
Salisbury University will establish an English Language Institute (ELI) effective fall
2010. This institute will enable SU to better recruit and service international students,
while achieving a strategic institutional objective. It is expected that the ELI would
generate revenue within a few years of its creation.
A group of students traveled to Aquascalientes, Mexico during spring break as part of a
global service project. Working with a team of local social workers, SU students using
their own funds and labor purchased and installed eight 300-gallon water cisterns to
provide clean drinking water for families in two communities that lacked regular
access. The President also made the trip and worked side by side with students as well
as meeting with nearby universities to strengthen relationships and explore exchange
In recent years, Salisbury University received a delegation of academic leaders from the
Anqing Teachers College, Anhui, China. A delegation of SU leaders will return the
visit to Anhui, China during summer 2010. The delegation will complete work on a
new bilateral student exchange program. Three Chinese students will study Early
Childhood Education during fall 2010 in Salisbury, and participate in teaching
observations in the Wicomico County Public Schools. At the same time, two SU
students will study Chinese History and Culture (in English), with intensive Chinese
language study in Anhui province, China. The summer SU delegation will also
represent the State of Maryland in commemorating the thirty year anniversary of the
Sister State partnership between the State of Maryland and the Province of Anhui.
University Governance
Faculty Senate – Dr. Kurt Ludwick
i. The Faculty Welfare Committee submitted proposed changes to the faculty
grievance policy.
ii. The Faculty Senate had the last reading on the smoking ban and it failed to
generate enough votes to pass.
Staff Senate – Jackie Eberts
i. The Staff Senate conducted a survey on temporary salary reductions and furlough
days. The survey revealed that staff members would like to have more
information on campus furloughs and staff members would like to have more
involvement in the discussion of furloughs, specifically in spreading the salary
reduction over a longer period of time. Results of the survey are available in the
library at the front desk. Ms. Eberts thanked Todd Smith, the SU webmaster, for
his help in making the on-line survey user friendly and his contribution to the
Staff Senate website.
ii. May 4 from 3 to 5 p.m. will be the Open Staff Senate meeting. This meeting is
intended for staff not covered by collective bargaining to update them on campus
PAT Meeting
April 15, 2010
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news. The meeting will be in the TETC, room 153.
iii. Employee Appreciation Day will be held on Wednesday, June 9. A special rate
will be given for lunch in the Marketplace in the Commons, and a motivational
speaker and door prizes are planned.
Student Government Association (SGA) – Pat Gotham
i. President Dudley-Eshbach thanked Pat Gotham for his service as President of the
SGA. Julia Glanz will be the new President as of May 1, 2010.
ii. SU’s SGA is working with the Student Regent Sarah Elfreth on increasing fees.
SU is proud to be part of the discussion and process, and is seeking input from our
iii. The SGA is creating workshops to work with Resident Student Organizations,
specifically to help in the transition of new officers.
iv. The Big Event was a success with over 500 students helping with more than 82
job requests.
v. The SGA will be purchasing their own golf cart to use for “Where do you want to
go Wednesdays.”
vi. The Celebration of University Leadership will be held on May 4. This event is
held annually to recognize outstanding contributions to campus community
involvement. Presentations are made by Registered Student Organizations
(RSOs) to members of their organization who have shown strong leadership.
vii. During finals week this spring, the local animal shelter will provide hugs from
puppies for a $1 donation. This has been successful on other campuses as a form
of stress relief.
Legislative Update – Scott Jensen
The 2010 Maryland General Assembly legislative session ended on Monday April
12, 2010. The University System of Maryland as a whole fared better than other
state agencies and was able to hold to the same budget as last year. There is always a
possibility for mid-year budget cuts. Furloughs and temporary salary reductions are
expected again this coming fiscal year.
No new projects have been added to the Capital budget. Projects already in the cue
will continue to be funded.
Important legislation to higher education that passed this session included:
i. SB 1084: Maryland Higher Education Commission - Review of Program
Proposals - Requiring the Maryland Higher Education Commission to review
program proposals through a deliberative fact-finding process, including
PAT Meeting
April 15, 2010
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receiving witness testimony and the weighing of evidence; requiring the
Commission to adopt regulations that provide for the receipt of comments and
objections from appropriate parties following submission of a completed
proposal; etc.
ii. HB 470/SB 283: Higher Education Investment Fund - Tuition Stabilization
and Funding - Requiring the Comptroller to continue to distribute specified
income tax revenue from corporations to the Higher Education Investment
Fund; expanding the authorized uses of the Fund; and establishing a Tuition
Stabilization Trust Account in the Fund. The University System of Maryland
was successful in adding an addendum to this bill creating a balance of
affordability, accessibility and quality.
Office of Diversity Update – Linda Morales
A progress report on Salisbury University’s Cultural Diversity Plan was submitted in
February. It has been approved by the Board of Regents. Ms. Morales is meeting
with individuals on campus to build relationships and assess diversity support needs.
The University Consortium’s Cultural Diversity Committee has been meeting
regularly, and work groups have been formed to work on a campus climate survey.
The bylaws of the Committee are being reviewed and recommendations will be
submitted to the Consortium.
Ms. Morales is partnering with Human Resources to review the search and selection
Facilities/Construction updates – Betty Crockett
Renovation of the traditional residence halls is on schedule. Pocomoke Hall is
complete and Manokin Hall is under construction, Wicomico Hall’s renovation is
out for bid, and Nanticoke Hall is in the design phase.
Bids are being collected for renovation of the Noland building. The renovation
should begin in May 2010.
The institution is working on submitting answers to questions asked by the
Department of Budget and Management in response to Part One Review of the new
Academic Commons building. They are working toward a May 2010 deadline.
Human Resources Update – Marvin Pyles
Performance Management Process (PMP) forms have been revised to make them
more user friendly. The process has been separated from merit and cost of living
increases. The review cycle has also been changed to coincide with the academic
year. Forms are available on-line on the HR website, and are due in the HR office
June 15.
PAT Meeting
April 15, 2010
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The next meeting of the President’s Advisory Team is scheduled for Thursday, May 13,
Recorder: Tracy Hajir