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Database Management
Chapter 1
• What is a database?
• What is a database management system
Remind me to tell you about this:
Database development Challenges
Conserving space
Retrieving data rapidly
Sharing data
Providing backup and recovery
Application Development
• Feasibility – identify scope, costs, and schedule
• Analysis – gather information from users
• Design – define tables, relationships, forms, reports
• Development – create forms, reports, and help; test
• Implementation – transfer data, install, train, review
Components of DBMS
Database engine
Data dictionary
Query processor
Report writer
Forms generator
Application generator
Communication and Integration facilities
Security facilities
Advantages of DBMS
Minimal data redundancy
Data consistency
Integration of data
Sharing of data
Enforcement of standards
Ease of application development
Uniform security, privacy, and integrity
Data independence
Brief History of DBMS
Hierarchical databases
Network databases
Relational databases
Object-oriented databases
Object Oriented
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