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High Middle Ages
Culture and Society
Hildegard von Bingen,
O Greenest Branch
(12th c.)
Lisa M. Lane
History 103
Medieval Church
Lisa M Lane
The Imperial Papacy
Innocent III
Urban II and First
Crusade 1095
John, by the grace of God king of
England, lord of Ireland, Duke of
By this charter attested by our
golden seal we wish it to be known
to you all that...we offer and freely
yield to God and to SS Peter and
Paul...and to the Holy Roman
Church our mother, and to our lord
Pope Innocent III and his catholic
successors, the whole kingdom of
England and the whole kingdom of
Ireland with all their rights (1213)
• interdict
• excommunication
dream of St.
Towns, heresy and new orders
Faith and Reason
12th century
Abelard and Heloise
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
and Hildegard of Bingen
13th century
It must be said that God's
existence can be proved in five
ways. The first and most obvious
way is based on the existence of
motion. It is certain and in fact
evident to our senses that some
things in the world are moved.
Everything that is moved, however,
is moved by something else, for a
thing cannot be moved unless that
movement is potentially within it. A
thing moves something else insofar
as it actually exists, for to move
something is simply to actualize
what is potentially within that thing.
Something can be led thus from
potentiality to actuality only by
something else which is already
-- Aquinas
St Thomas Aquinas
Logic +
Chivalric culture
Knight and Lady
Image sources
Imperial Papacy
Towns, heresy and new orders
Scholasticism and universities
Chivalric culture,_reversed.PNG/180px