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Dear ___________,
I am writing to ask you to consider supporting a charitable organization that is very special to me, the Karen Wyckoff Rein
in Sarcoma Foundation. We are a Twin Cities based 501 c3 organization dedicated to (i) educating the public and medical
community about sarcomas (ii) supporting sarcoma patients and their loved ones and (iii) funding research directed
toward developing new treatments and finding a cure. While any cancer is tragic, sarcoma cancers are quite rare and
very misunderstood. As a result very little research and financial support from government or foundations is directed to
sarcoma. Yet, this disease which attacks the body’s connective tissue and bones is the third most occurring form of
cancer affecting children and young adults. There are over 15,000 new sarcoma cancer diagnoses annually and 6,000
deaths…. many of which could have been prevented with earlier diagnoses and proper treatment.
Every July, we hold an event at historic Como Park in St. Paul. This year’s 17 th annual Party in the Park on July 24th
celebrates Karen’s spirit and bravery. In addition to unlimited carousel rides, kids’ activities and family entertainment, we
hold a silent auction. Drawing over 1500 people from the entire Midwest, this is one of our most critical annual fund
raising initiatives. I am writing to ask for your support through a contribution to our silent auction. (specify what you
are asking for). In addition to supporting a worthy cause, your donation markets your (business, product, hotel,
restaurant etc) not only to our attendees, but to their entire social networks.
Before her death in 2001 Karen had a vision to eradicate sarcoma cancer. Her vision has become the KWRIS Foundation.
Volunteer driven and staffed, we have grown to include thousands of current patients and survivors, their families and
countless other volunteers like myself. Since 2001 the foundation has raised over $1.5 million for the University of
Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center, which has in turn leveraged over $6 million in sarcoma cancer research. The RIS
Sarcoma Patient Starter Handbook, now in its 6th Edition, distributed free of charge nationwide, has become the
country’s leading resource for newly diagnosed sarcoma patients. We publish unique editions for Children’s Hospitals and
Clinics of Minnesota, The Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota.
As a 501 c3 organization your contribution is completely tax deductible. While I recognize you receive numerous requests
like this, our event is one of very few events that cater to families, summer fun and building community among cancer
patients and their families. To learn more about the foundation, the Party in the Park and the auction, please visit our
website Thank you for your consideration. A Gift in Kind form, which we require for tax records,
has been provided for your convenience. Arrangements can be made for item pick up/drop off or certificates can be
mailed to the Shoreview address on the donation form.
Whether or not you make a contribution, I invite you, your employees and their families to this fun and inspiring evening.
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