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The Hubble Telescope
Ashley Field
Hubble Facts
The Hubble Telescope was launched into low
Earth orbit in 1990
Four main instruments observe in the near
ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared spectra
Named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble
Launched by Space Shuttle Discovery
The only telescope designed to be serviced by
As of Hubble’s 24th anniversary in April 2014,
Hubble observations have produced more than
100 terabytes of data.
Its scientific successor, the James Webb Space
Telescope is scheduled for launch in 2018
Communicating with Hubble
• A quartet of antennae on the telescope sends and
receives information between Hubble and the Flight
Operations Team at the Goddard Space Flight
Center in Maryland.
• Engineers use satellites to communicate with the
telescope, giving it directions and commands
• The telescope has 2 main computers and a number
of smaller systems