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MAC Settings
for Adobe Connect
Step 1:
To use your MAC to access all the
features in Adobe Connect, first
determine your operating system
and browser.
Step 2:
• To find your operating system click on
the Apple in the far upper left corner
of your screen and select [About this
• Your operating system needs to be
10.7.4 or higher.
• If it is not, then click the Software
Update button and install a newer
version. They are free and will ensure
software runs at an optimum level.
Step 3:
• Determine which browser you will be
• Then run the Adobe Connect
Diagnostic Test using that browser.
• You can access this utility inside the
meeting room by choosing Help >
Troubleshooting. You can also access
the test at the following
Each of the 4 elements must test green or follow the
steps to update your system.
• Firefox has the fewest known
compatibility issues, so before you
troubleshoot other browsers you
may want to try using Firefox.
Step 4:
• Next you want to make sure you have
the latest Adobe Connect Add-in.
• Save the file when prompted; by
default, it's saved in the Downloads
• Open the Downloads folder and open
ac_addin_mac_959.z to extract the
package (the package name is
Step 5:
• It is possible for your browser to pass
the diagnostic test and still have issues.
• If using Safari 6 or newer you may
need to adjust the Security Preferences
to properly run the Add-in Required to
use the elements of Adobe Connect.
• Open your Safari browser and click on
click on the word [Safari] to find the
Step 6:
• With the Safari browser still opened,
type in the URL for the Adobe
session you will be entering.
• Then from that same browser
choose Preferences from the Safari
• Select Manage Website Settings in
the Security tab of the Preferences
Step 7:
• Select from the
list of currently open websites.
• Select Run in Unsafe Mode from the
pop-up menu
Step 8:
• Click on [Trust] to approve the
• Click Done, and close the
Preferences panel.
• Reload the browser page, to enable
the change.
Additional troubleshooting:
All Browsers
After making changes, make sure you close the browser and reopen.
You may also need to clear the browser history, cache, and cookies.
Google Chrome
There are a number of known issues for Google Chrome on both the PC
and MAC. It is best to avoid this browser. If you must use Chrome and run
into issues with audio, pods, or freezing content use this link to
troubleshoot the settings:
OS 10.10 Yosemite Issues
You will have to update or reinstall JAVA when you upgrade to Yosemite.
OS 10.9 Mavericks Issues
There are several issues related to Mavericks which causes the Adobe
Connect session to stall or disconnect. The issue has not been identified
but use this link to troubleshoot.
OS 10.7 Lion Issues
If you are experiencing a runtime error follow these instructions to install
the Java Runtime How to install the Java Runtime (JRE) | Mac OS 10.7
If are running the older operating system Mac OS 10.7 Lion you may also
need to update the addin. Download the Add-in by clicking here.
Additional issues:
– Mac Lion Specific Issues
FireWire devices are not detected
Not compatible with external audio interfaces (for example, Focusrite,
Saffure, FireWire, or RME Multiface)
Not compatible with secure desktop sharing
New Versions
Note that new releases including Adobe Connect
9.3, Mac Operating System 10.10 Yosemite and
Safari 8 have not been fully tested yet. Additional
support can be found at: