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Human Immunology
Department of Medicine
PhD studentship – Human Immunology
Payment of Home/EU Fees and a stipend of £17,500 per annum
Our mission is to improve human health by conducting basic and clinical research
cooperatively with national and international institutions, technically driven with
the goal of understanding human immunology that correlates with protection
against emerging infectious diseases and leads to development of
immunotherapies and effective vaccines. Our primary focus will be mainly on HIV
and influenza A infection in humans.
The 3-year PhD studentship starting in January 2014, funded by Imperial College,
London, will be involved in research projects aiming to understand which type(s)
of immune responses provide protective immunity, and in applying this
knowledge to the development of powerful immunotherapies and effective
vaccines. Given that correlates of protection are multi-factorial in nature, the
spectrum of research activity will cover both innate and adaptive immune
responses at the molecular, cellular and population levels. The project will give
the student broad based training in a wide range of molecular and cell biology
techniques, and will be performed in a laboratory in which the necessary
expertise and techniques are already up and running.
We are seeking an enthusiastic graduate to join the department of Immunology
based at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to work under the supervision of
Professor Xiaoning Xu and other Senior scientists in the Department. Applicants
must have a BSc degree (upper second class or above) or equivalent. An MSc in
biomedical fields is preferred but not essential.
The studentship is open to both home/EU and overseas students. It
includes payment of home/EU fees and an annual stipend of £17,500.
Overseas students should be able to demonstrate adequate financial
support to cover the difference between home/EU tuition fees and
overseas fees.
The position will be primarily based in the department of Immunology, Chelsea
and Westminster Hospital, Imperial College London, 369 Fulham Road, London,
SW10 9NH.
Enquiries and full applications, consisting of a full CV, supporting letter and the
contact details of two academic referees, should be sent to Professor Xiaoning Xu,
email:[email protected]; tel:0203 3156558.
Informal visits to the laboratory (which is in the process of renovation) would be
Closing Date: December 9th 2013
Committed to equality and valuing diversity.