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Discussion Questions
Isle of Stone by Nicholas Nicastro
Daughters of Penelope Foundation Book Club
1. This historical novel portrays the tale of two legendary cities in Ancient Greece. One is Athens and the
other Sparta. He sees Athens as being haughty and democratic while Sparta is brutal and unyielding in
battle. Can you give some examples of how he describes these concepts?
2. How long did this bloody war last and how did each sides sustain themselves during this period?
3. Who were the main players (characters) on each side?
4. Did you feel that the author's descriptions of the sights, sounds and social life of Ancient Athens were
described in a way to hold your interest?
5. Did you find the battle scenes too grim and gritty ?
6. The three main characters in this novel were Damatria and her two sons Antaicidas and Epitadas. What
did you think of them? How would you describe them and their relationships with one another?
7. Do you agree that by building his story around only one battle of the Peloponnesian War, that of the
surrender of the Island of Sphacteria, the author was able to better provide details of Spartan culture?
8. How were Spartan women portrayed by Athenians in this novel? Why did the Athenians seem to hate
the fact that Spartan women were in fact well educated and emancipated? How were Athenian women
9. Do you think the author was unjustly negative in his portrayal of Spartans?
10. Would you recommend this novel to others ? Why?