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Act II, scene ii – answer all four questions on page 50
Literary Devices
Aside: a convention in drama whereby a character
onstage addresses the audience to reveal some inner
thought or feeling, inaudible to other characters onstage
Pathetic Fallacy – Weather reflects the mood of the king
or the play. It foreshadows events to come.
Allusion – a reference to a work of literature, a person or event
in history
Find one example of each literary device (from Act 2, scenes 1-3).
(Allusion & Pathetic Fallacy on pages 43-44.)
Aside – Act 2, scene 3 line 129-130, page 45
Malcolm whispering to his brother Donalbain – doesn’t want
Macbeth and others to overhear
Act I, scene 4, lines 56-61 – Macbeth is plotting to kill the king,
talking about the fact that Malcolm is in his way as well.
Macbeth doesn’t want anyone to overhear or he could be charged
with treason.
Pathetic Fallacy – Act I, scene I, stage directions – Thunder and
lightning symbolizes the evil witches
Act II, scene 3, Lines 51 – 60, page 43 – The king was killed, therefore
the weather reflects the disorder of the world. There is an
earthquake and tornado.
Allusion –
2.3- 74 page 44 – Macduff alludes to Greek mythology when he
refers to a Gorgon