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Calcium Hydroxyapatite is an active ingredient designed to enhance the natural salivary remineralization of dental enamel. Poor oral hygiene, wrong dietary habits, excess consumption of
carbonated beverages, reductions in the salivary flow resulting from the normal ageing process,
the use of many common drugs, the fitting of orthodontic appliances, dehydration through
recreational activities, increase the rate of demineralization. The use of KALIDENT helps prevent
caries, stabilize rampant caries, assist in the reversal of dental erosion, restore the enamel to its
original mineral density and to its original optical characteristics without chemical-mechanical
KALIDENT has a strong propensity to bind with protein adhering to plaque bacteria in the oral
cavity, facilitating their removal when rinsing the mouth after brushing. KALIDENT is a good
alternative to those patients unwilling to use fluorides as part of their dental care regime.
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