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Born in Denver, Colorado, Shamie Royston, pianist, composer and
educator is a unique musician in her own way. She received her
Master’s Degree in Music Composition where she won top honors.
Most of her acclaim has been noted in her musical compositions as
well as her exquisite ability to teach young musicians ranging from
elementary school to the college level. She has been known to be
one of the top educators in her field at previous educational
institutions, and has been honored with awards for her teaching
skills. She has given clinics and adjudicated high school and
college jazz festivals and has been a clinician for top ensembles.
But now Shamie Royston is an up and coming pianist in the New
York City jazz scene.
She has an exquisite way of playing the piano, and her
compositions are appreciated by many jazz listeners. She has
written compositions for trumpeter, Sean Jones, the all women’s
group, Sage, and saxophonist, Tia Fuller. Shamie was
commissioned by the Penfield School District in New York to
arrange an orchestra and big band piece of her original
Since moving to New Jersey, she has been a steady member of the
Tia Fuller Quartet, and has played with many other great artists
such as Christian McBride, Lonnie Plaxico, Ron Miles, Ralph
Peterson, John Pattuci, Terri Lyne Carrington, Sean Jones and
many others. She has also recorded with the Tia Fuller Quartet,
and many others. She has toured Europe and the United States
with her fiery, yet soulful piano playing and has played at many of
the top jazz venues and festivals in the world.
Shamie’s debut CD entitled “Portraits” was released in March
2012, where her compositions and performance are to the highest
degree. “She continues to be a leading force and a new voice in
the jazz world.”