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Method123 Project Management Methodology
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
A Project Management
that drives your projects towards success…
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
Dear Customer
Method123 Project
This brochure provides
an overview
of MPMM® Enterprise to help you
make your purchasing decision. It tells you what the Enterprise edition
is, how to use it and why it’s beneficial to your organization. We hope
you enjoy reading it.
If you have questions, then please email us at
[email protected] - we’re here to help.
So read on to find out more about MPMM® Enterprise…
MPMM® is a toolset for creating and managing project management methodologies. To help you
create customized methodologies of your own, this toolset already includes a complete methodology
“out of the box”.
The methodology included tells you how to deliver projects
step-by-step. It’s different, because every step is described in
depth and includes practical templates and examples to help
you complete the step quickly and easily. When you open
MPMM, you can choose to:
▪ View and use the methodology included.
▪ Create customized versions of the methodology, to perfectly
fit your project needs.
▪ Build new methodologies, by importing all of your existing
processes and link them together into a Project Lifecycle.
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
Why it’s Unique
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
MPMM® is unique because it’s the only tool in the world that:
Is specific to Project Management
Includes a Methodology out-of-the-box
Comes with the complete suite of templates
Is 100% Customizable
It’s also the only tool that includes a complete Project Life Cycle, as well as the Templates and Case
Studies you need to work smart.
It’s practical…
For every step in the Project Life Cycle, there is a Project
Management Template to support it. Each template is preformatted
and can be customized with your own organizational branding.
The Templates and Case Studies help your project teams create
deliverables faster and more efficiently than before.
It’s scalable…
The Project Life Cycle included in MPMM suits all project sizes. To scale the
methodology, simply select the processes that suit your project size and
you’re off.
It also suits all industries, as the methods are generic and apply to all project
types. It’s currently used by Project Managers in all industries around the
world, to boost their success.
It’s best practice…
The content included in MPMM has been aligned with the two worldwide
Project Management Standards, PMBOK® and Prince2®.
So if you want to implement best practices in your organization, then
follow the content provided in MPMM® today.
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
MPMM® Enterprise
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
The Enterprise edition is targeted at medium to large organizations
that have dozens of projects on the go at the same time. If you
meet this requirement, then the Enterprise edition will suit you.
It helps you create a suite of methodologies which perfectly fit
your project needs.
You can also publish your methodologies through your corporate
Intranet, so your project teams can access it via the web.
The Enterprise edition includes the same features and content
as the Professional edition, so that you can create customized
methodologies for your projects. And like the Professional edition,
you can install it on a central server so that you can collaborate
with your methodology team.
However, there are 2 major benefits that the Enterprise edition has to offer over the Professional
1. Open License
2. Publishing Features
It provides you with an “Open License”
for using the methodology content within
your organization. Unlike the Professional
edition, you don’t have to buy a user license
for every person who uses the content.
Instead, everyone in your organization will
be licensed to use the content as they wish.
You get up to 50 administrator licenses and
an unlimited number of publishing licenses
to the software, so anyone in your company
can access the methodologies you create.
It includes a neat feature which helps you to
publish methodologies to your intranet. You
can do this by selecting the methodologies
you wish to publish and selecting “Export
to Web”. This new feature exports the
methodologies selected, in ‘HTML’ format
so that you can easily upload them to your
intranet. This way, your project managers
and teams can access the methodologies
as they need them. No other product in the
market has this incredibly powerful feature
available to you at your fingertips.
By using MPMM Enterprise, you can:
Create a suite of methodologies that perfectly fit your organization
Collaborate as a team, by managing your methodologies on a central server
Publish your methodologies to your intranet, so your entire organization can access them.
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
How it Works
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
To help you get a feel for how it works, we’ll talk you through how a recent customer implemented
MPMM® Enterprise in their organization:
A US Organization had a wide variety of projects to manage, from
IT and Finance, to Water Care and Environmental projects.
They wanted to ensure that all of the projects managers and
teams followed the same process for project delivery. They
also wanted everyone to use the same terminology, submit the
same reports and document projects in the same manner.
So they purchased an Enterprise license to MPMM.
After purchasing, they downloaded and installed MPMM Enterprise on five different Project Office
computers. The “Project Office” was responsible for creating and publishing the project methodologies
in their organization. To install the software, they simply downloaded it from our website and installed
the database on a shared folder on their server, with the click of a button. No IT staff were required.
They then downloaded the desktop software onto each PC and connected the software to the central
database, again through the click of a button. It only took 5 minutes to download and install on each
PC. Within minutes, they had 10 PCs all connected to the central methodology database and they had
already started creating their customized methodologies for projects.
A week later, they had created their first customized methodology for small projects. They wanted to
publish this methodology on their intranet, for their Project Managers and teams to use. To publish
it, they simply clicked, “Export to Web” (in MPMM) and copied the folder exported to their intranet.
As MPMM Enterprise had exported their methodology in HTML format, it could be loaded onto their
intranet in minutes.
As soon as the files were copied onto the intranet their Project Managers and teams had full access
to it. The methodology they had created, explained to a Project Manager how to complete a smallsized project step-by-step. It included templates and practical examples, and the team member could
navigate the methodology by clicking the links included.
The Project Office was happy because it could control the creation and publication of the methodologies
to be used. And Project Managers and teams were happy because they had immediate access to all of
the materials they needed to deliver their projects. Over the following months, the Project Office used
MPMM® Enterprise to create and publish different sized methodologies for use on different projects.
And as a result, their project efficiency improved and more projects were delivered on time and under
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
It’s well known that organizations that implement project methodologies, experience a greater level
of project success than those that don’t.
The reason is because they consistently use the same methods
for delivering their projects, so their project delivery becomes
more efficient. This means that they can deliver more projects
in less time, saving them money and resources.
You too can improve your project efficiency, by implementing the
flexible methodology framework provided by MPMM® Enterprise.
Here’s how you will benefit from it:
Get a Head Start
Your Project Managers will get a head start when kicking off new projects. The methodology
provides a complete Project Roadmap, so your Project Managers know what they have to deliver,
when and by whom. It also tells them how to manage change, risks and issues, as well as
customers, suppliers and procurement. All they need to do is follow the roadmap provided, to
deliver their project from end-to-end.
Improved Communications
One of the risks to a project is failure through miscommunication. To minimize this risk, everyone
needs to speak the same project language, by using the same terminology and communicating
in the same way. By adopting a methodology for projects, your teams will use the terminology,
reports and processes to communicate efficiently with their peers. This dramatically improves
their chances of success.
Greater Efficiency
Efficiency can be defined as the amount of work you complete within a set period of time. By using
the templates and practical examples included in MPMM® Enterprise, your Project Managers will
complete deliverables faster than before. The quality of their work will also rise, because they will
be using top quality content to complete documents and create project processes.
Improved Success
By publishing the methodologies you generate from MPMM, your Project Managers will have a
clear roadmap ahead. Your Project Teams will know what they have to complete and by when.
Your Project Reviewers will have something solid to measure against and your Project Sponsors
will gain total visibility over the project. Your Project Board will have crystal clear reports and your
Project Customers will better support the project delivery. It’s a win-win for projects all round.
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.
Method123 Project Management Methodology
Method123 Project
Management Methodology
There are two key differences between MPMM® Enterprise and our competitors. The first is that
our competitors don’t allow you to customize the methodologies provided, let alone create and publish
methodologies of your own. MPMM Enterprise allows you to do this and more.
The second key difference is that our Competitors offer an open license for between $50,000 and
$250,000. Whereas, MPMM® Enterprise is just $7,500 USD.
When you buy MPMM Enterprise, you get:
To install the MPMM Enterprise software on up to 50 PCs, for the creation and customization of
methodologies, for your Methodology Team.
The ability to publish the methodologies you’ve created, to your Corporate intranet.
An Open License which allows anyone in your Organization to access the content you’ve published,
including the entire methodology included in MPMM Enterprise already.
Do you only have a small team of people responsible for administering the methodologies, but a large
team of people wanting to access them? If so, then MPMM Enterprise is perfect for you, because the
Open License included allows you to publish your methodologies to your entire Organization, quickly
and easily.
Next Steps
First, take a Free Trial of MPMM Professional, as it includes the same content as the Enterprise
Then when you’re ready, email us a Purchase Order for MPMM® Enterprise. We’ll then send you
a link to download the software, a multi-user license, the rights to use the content openly in your
organization and the features needed to publish your methodologies to your intranet. It’s that easy.
Have questions? Email us at [email protected] and one of our
friendly support staff will be happy to give you a call.
Kind regards
Jason Westland, CEO
© 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved.