Download World War I ends Allied delegates in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

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World War I ends
Allied delegates in the Hall
of Mirrors at Versailles
witness the German
delegation's acceptance of
the terms of the Treaty Of
Versailles, the treaty
formally ending World
War I.
Adolf Hitler declares the
Twenty-five Points at a Nazi
Party meeting in Munich
devastates the German
The highly antisemitic
newspaper Der Sturmer,
edited by Julius Streicher,
begins publication.
The Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler
and the Nazi Party’s failed
coup, takes place.
The Reich Ministry for Public
Enlightenment and Propaganda is
established with Dr. Joseph
Goebbels as it’s leader
Nationwide boycott of Jewish owned businesses
Public burning of books deemed “un-German”
Introduction of the
“People’s Radio”
Der Giftpilz is published.
Germany hosts the Winter
and Summer Olympic Games
Membership in the Hitler
Youth (HJ) and League of
German Girls (BDM)
becomes mandatory
Tag reads: "Remember! Listening to foreign broadcasts is a
crime against the national security of our people. By order of
the Führer it will be punished with a severe prison sentence."
Listening to foreign
broadcast declared illegal
The propaganda film The
Eternal Jew is released in
German theaters.
Polish language editions of
the Protocols of the Elders
of Zion published under
Nazi occupation.
The International Red Cross is
allowed to inspect the
Theresienstadt Ghetto after
SS efforts to stage the
event were undertaken
Julius Streicher (editor of
Der Sturmer) and Hans
Fritzsche (head of the radio
division of the Propaganda
Ministry) on trial at the
International Military
Tribunal for their roles as a