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1. Digoxin 0.125 mg. p.o. is ordered once per day. Digoxin 0.25 mg. is available. How
many tablets will you administer for one dose?
(Do not round)
2. Neurontin 750 mg po is ordered three times per day. The nurse has Neurontin 250 mg
per 5 ml. How many ml should be administered for one dose? (Answer in tenths)
3. Heparin 2500 units per SubQ injection is ordered twice daily. Heparin 10,000 units per
1mL. is available. How many mL. will you administer for one dose? (Answer in tenths)
4. Coreg 3.125 mg. is ordered 2 times per day. The bottle contains 100 tablets of Coreg
6.25 mg. How many full doses are in the bottle? (Answer as whole number)
5. *Erythromycin 100 mg. is ordered 4 times per day. The drug label reads “add 140 ml. of
water and shake to make 200 ml. of suspension. Each 5 ml. teaspoon of reconstituted
medication contains 200 mg of erythromycin.” How many mL. of water will you use to
reconstitute and how many mL. will you give for one dose? (Do not round, answer in
6. The client is to receive 1 L. of ½ NS over 12 hours. At what rate would you set the IV
pump in mL./hr.? (Answer in whole numbers)
7. The client is to receive a medication in 100 mL. to infuse over 1 hour. The drop factor of
the IV tubing is 20 gtt./mL. Calculate the drip rate of this infusion in gtt./min. (Answer
as whole number)
8. 1 L. of NS is infusing at 84 gtt./min. The drop factor of the IV tubing is 15 gtt./mL. How
many hours will it take for this volume of fluid to infuse? ( Answer as whole number)
9. 100 mg. of a medication in 50 mL. D5W is infusing. The client’s IV becomes dislodged
after 25 mL. has infused. How many mg. of medication did the client receive? (Answer
as a whole number)
10. Regular Insulin 400 units in 1000 mL. NS is infusing per pump at a rate of 14.5 mL/hr.
How many units./hr. are infusing? (Answer in tenths)
11. A 250 ml bag of 0.9% NS contains 25,000 units of heparin. In order to infuse heparin at
7000 units per hour, what should the IV flow rate be set at? (Answer in whole numbers)
12. Medication K 650 mg. in 500 mL. D5W is ordered per IV pump infusion at a rate of 18
mL./hr. The client weighs 194 pounds. Calculate the mcg./kg./min. dose your client is
receiving. (Answer in tenths )
13. Your client, who weighs 122 pounds, is to receive Medication C 800 mg. in 100 mL. NS
per IV pump infusion at 2 mg./kg./hr. At what rate would you set the IV pump in
mL./hr.? (Answer in tenths )
14. A toddler weighing 22.8 lbs. has an order for Amoxicillin 100 mg. p.o. three times daily.
This medication has a recommended dosage range of 10 to 30 mg./kg./day in 3 divided
dosages. Calculate the upper dosage of this medication for 1 dose for this toddler.
(Answer as whole number).
15. Determine the daily fluid requirement in mL./day for a child who weighs 38 kg. (Answer
as whole number)
16. An infant’s birth weight is 8 lbs., 4 oz. Calculate the 10% weight loss in ounces.
(Answer in tenths)
17. Identify the dosage of Humulin N Insulin indicated by the shading on
this 100 unit capacity insulin syringe (answer in units)
18. Refer to the shading on this 3 mL. syringe. The syringe contains the ordered dose of
the medication Methylprednisolone Acetate which is to be given as an IM injection. If
this medication has been drawn up from a vial containing Methylprednisolone Acetate
160 mg./1mL, how many mg. will the client receive if this volume is given? (Answer as
whole number)