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Light Years Away!!!! (LY HW WS)
The star outside of our solar system that is closest to us is Alpha Centauri C, also
called Alpha Proxima. It is 40,000,000,000,000 (40 trillion) km away. How
many light years is that?
a. If we hopped on a jet that traveled 1000 km/hr how long would it take us
to get to Alpha Centauri C?
b. How many years would it take?
In the spring of 2006 astronomers found a planet they describe as having a
composition similar to Earth and the mass of Neptune. It is 9,000 light years
away. How many kilometers is this?
A child is born on Earth in the year 2000. Aliens are on a planet that is 94.6
trillion kilometers way and use a high powered telescope to witness the child’s 8th
birthday. How old is the child when the aliens witness the party? (Hint: calculate
the number of light years this planet is from Earth)