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Canada On The World Stage
Making Connections – 10-11, and the Internet
1.What are 4 ways that you could compare Canada to other countries?
2. Refer to the figures 1-4 at the top of page 10.
a. Where does Canada rank globally in terms of area? ___________________________
b. Which country is larger than Canada in terms of area? _______________________
c. Which country is most comparable in size to Canada? _________________________
3. a. Using Fig. 1-5, what are the three most populous countries on Earth at present?
_______________________ _______________________ _____________________
b. Add up the populations of the three countries listed in 3a.
c. Based on a population figure of 6, 600, 000, 000 in 2005, what % of the world’s population did these
three countries make up? Use the formula below.
Answer to 3b/world population x 100 (round to 1 decimal place)
4. In 2005, where did Canada rank in the world in regards to population? ____________
5. Textbook figures can become outdated very quickly. Use the websites below to find the answers to
current population statistics.
Canada’s Population Clock –
Date accessed - __________
Estimated Population - ____________________________
b. Scroll down on the above website and click on
from the US Bureau of the Census”. Now click on the census web link provided.
Estimated Population of the World ___________________________________
c. Now it is calcualtion time!
i) What % of the world’s population does Canada have?
Canada’s Population /World Population x 100. Round to 1 decimal place.
6. Population Density - text
a. As demonstrated above, Canada is a very _____________ country with a fairly ______________
b. What is the definition of population density: __________________________________
c. Now it is time for a calculation! Use Canada’s land area provided in the text and divide it by the current
population from above. Round to 1 decimal place.
Population ________________ / Area _________________ = Population Density ________km2
7. Wealth - text
The most common way to compare the wealth of nations is GDP per capita.
a. What does GDP stand for? _______________________________________________
b. How is GDP calculated?
c. How would you calculate a country’s GDP per capita (per person)?
d. The estimated GDP of Canada is $1, 319, 000, 000, 000 (2009 est.)
Calculate Canada’s GDP per capita based on Canada’s current population figure from 5a.