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Africa Online
This Activity is designed to help you compare Africa to the
U.S. on 20 different topics.
Your task is to interpret the world map data by ;
1. Identifying how the U.S. ranks
2. Generalize how Africa ranks. To do this you must look to
see how “most” countries rank or describe what you see
by region.
Agriculture Share in GDP, 1999
Annual deforestation, 1990-2000
Carbon dioxide emissions per capita, 1997
Child malnutrition, 1993-99
Female net primary enrollment ratio, 1997
Freshwater resources per capita, 1999
GDP per capita growth, 1990-99
GNI per capita, 1999
Gross capital formation as a share of GDP, 1999
Infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births, 1999
Irrigated land 1996-98
Life Expectancy at Birth, 1999
Military expenditure as a share of GNI, 1997
Mobile phones per 1,000 people, 1999
Nationally protected area, 1999 percentage of total
land area
Net Aid Flows per Capita, 1999
Passenger Cars 1999, per 1,000 people
Paved roads as a share of total roads, 1995-99
Percentage of Total Land Area Covered by
Forest, 2000
Personal computers per 1,000 people, 1999