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One of the oldest species on Earth
Over 5000 different species
Most live in the ocean, but many live on
 The biggest crab that lives in water, The
Japanese Spider crab, lives on the floor of
the North Pacific Ocean.
 The Biggest crab that lives on land, The
Coconut Crab, lives on islands in the
Pacific Ocean.
Crabs can eat different things usually
depending on their age.
 Some crabs eat plankton.
 Some young crabs eat worms.
 Larger crabs eat shrimp and other
The crab can average from one centimeter
to nearly 2 meters.
 It has a leg span of 75ft.
 The eggs that the crabs make are called
zoea larva.
Types of crabs
There are many kinds of crabs.
 There are Lined shore crabs, spider crabs,
kelp crabs, lumpy crabs, pea crabs, fiddler
crabs, and MORE!!!
 There is also the biggest crab in the water,
which is the Japanese Spider Crab. Also,
there is the biggest crab on land which is
the Coconut Crab.
The crab has one set of claws and four
other pairs of legs.
 They have claws called chelapeds.
Crabs are related to the shrimp and the
 A specific shrimp relative is the Ghost
Crabs can come in many colors.
 They can come in colors of red, purple,
gray, green, and brown.
Crabs are just a
wonderful species!!!