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PSYC 218 Exam 2
Chapters 5 (Z scores), 6 (Probability) and 7 (Probability and the
distribution of sample means)
Make sure that you are familiar with the following:
1) transforming x values to Z scores
2) transforming Z scores to x values
3) transforming x values from one distribution with a given mean
and standard deviation to x values in another distribution with a
specified mean and standard deviation (note: this involves an
interim step of converting the original x values to Z scores)
4) the difference between probability with respect to:
1) obtaining particular x values from a population
2) obtaining particular sample means from a distribution of
sample means that originate from a particular population:
5) be careful when a mean is given in one unit (e.g. hours) and
variability in another (e.g. min) that you convert the 2 to the
same units
6) know how to use your tables and remember you must be told
that a population is normal or the sample size is > 30 to be able
to work out the probability of obtaining a particular sample
mean accurately