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The EDGE Monthly Web Part and List
The EDGE Month Web Part List
The web part content is centrally managed in The EDGE Monthly Web Part list located in the root site at
Right now there is just one list item, which you should edit each month. In the future, there will be additional metadata
and list items to support Localization (if needed). I turned on Version History on the list, so you should be able to
view/revert to previous versions if necessary. But right now, please keep this to A SINGLE LIST ITEM THAT YOU EDIT
To edit the list item:
1. Navigate to the list, and using the item drop-down select Edit Item.
2. You can edit the Title, Rollup Image, Description and Detail Link of the item.
a. To swap out another Image, click on the image and the Ribbon at the top of the dialog box will display
Picture Tools tab. Click on the Picture Tools tab, and then click on Change Picture on the far left. Browse to
the picture location and click OK. The web part will set the image width to 138 pixels, so do not use an
image that is much larger.
b. On the Description field, only use the Bullet formatting, bold, or plain text, as other types of formatting may
have unwanted display issues. Even though the bullets look black and indented in the list, when the content
is displayed in the web part it will be properly formatted.
c. The Detail Link uses both the URL and the description. The text you display for the description will be used
as the link display text. It is okay to paste a wwwauth URL into the URL field, SharePoint will render the
public-facing URL automatically.
3. When finished editing the fields, click Save.
Adding the EDGE Monthly Web Part to a page
I’ve added the EDGE Monthly web part to the web part gallery under the ESCO News & Media section. To add the web
part to a page:
1. Navigate to a page and put it in edit mode.
2. Click on the appropriate Add a Web Part in the right rail. This web part will work in either the gray background or
white background zones.
3. In the web part gallery, click on the ESCO News & Media category, then on the EDGE Monthly, and click Add.
4. The web part should automatically display the content from the list and should not be edited directly.