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Dear Tom,
During my trip to Ancient
Greece I visited the Parthenon, and was
standing next to the Greek Goddess
Athena. This is the most famous
structure in Athens. It was built when
Percilies ruled Athens. This temple was
built in order to worship Athena. The
Parthenon stands at the top of the
Acropolis overlooking the city. The
Greeks spent more than 12 million units
in order to build this structure.
Nick Baniewicz
Dear Nick,
While I was having an amazing time
in Athens I decided to go to the Gpysynasium.
This is where all the children learned, so if they
got chosen they would know what to do in the
Council of 500. If your were an Athenian child
you had to go to school at age 7. You could
choose between public school or home school.
If you were poor then you would only go to
school for about 3-4 years and learn the basics.
On the other hand if you lived in a rich family
you could stay as long as 10 years in school.
Besides school, Athenian males begin 2 years of
military training at age 18. Athenian children
attenof school. They went to Gratistes,
Paidotribes, and Kitharistes.
Nick Baniewicz
Dear Dan, Dan, Soda, Can,
During my trip to Athens I went to
visit the Agora. Athenian citizens conducted
most of their trading at the Agora. The
agora is a huge marketplace, and is located
at the foot of the acropolis. The Greeks
began using coins around 600 B.C.E. The
most popular coin in Athens was the
Tetradrachins. It was worth four Drachmas,
or Athenian money. The Tetradrachin had
an image of the goddess Athena on one
side, and a picture of her bird on the other
side. Athenians traded a lot because they
didn’t have fertile plains. Farmers grew
olives and traded them. Egypt was one of
their main trading partners.
Nick Baniewicz